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Open Star Map

 (Open Star Map)

Alpha and Omega: The Search for the Beginning and End of the Universe

 (Alpha and Omega: The Search for the Beginning and End of the)
Humankind has grappled for millennia with the fundamental questions of the origin and end of the universe--it was a focus of ancient religions and myths and of the inquiries of Aristotle, Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, and Newton. Today we are at the brink of discoveries that should soon reveal the deepest secrets of the universe.Alpha and Omega is a dispatch from the front lines of the cosmological revolution that is being waged at observatories and laboratories around the world-in Europe, in America, and even in Antarctica--where scientists are actually peering into both the cradle of the universe and its grave. Scientists--including galaxy hunters and microwave eavesdroppers, gravity theorists and atom smashers, all of whom are on the trail of dark matter, dark energy, and the growing inhabitants of the particle zoo-now know how the universe will end and are on the brink of understanding its beginning. Their findings will be among the greatest triumphs of science, even towering above the deciphering of the human genome. This is the book you need to help understand the frequent front-page headlines heralding dramatic cosmological discoveries. It makes cutting-edge science both crystal clear and wonderfully exciting.

Savage Times

 (Savage Times)
Hanni El Khatib’s first idea for his Savage Times project was to do something he’d never done before. Instead, he ended up doing... well, everything he’d never done before. He’d be playing new instruments, writing in unfamiliar new ways, opening himself up to an unrelenting stream of ideas and dedicating himself totally to pure musical instinct. And the result? 19 best-of-the-sessions songs, destined for vinyl release as a Limited Edition 10” LP Box Set, as well as the kind of creative revelations that only happen when you quit looking around and start looking ahead. Originally, he’d hoped to explode the lingering idea that he was simply a blues-rock guitar player, but that’s why Savage Times touches on everything from garage rock to punk to disco, hip-hop and even some unexpected solo-guitar self-portraiture. But on the way, he also exploded his own idea of what he could do—even maybe who he was, or would be. Savage Times was an experiment as well as an experience, that touched on some of the most personal, social & political elements to date.

The Physics of Immortality: Modern Cosmology, God and the Resurrection of the Dead

 (The Physics of Immortality: Modern Cosmology, God and the Resurrection of the)
Is there a higher power in the universe? What happens to us when we die? Leading physicist Frank J. Tipler tackles these questions and more in an astonishing and profoundly important book that scientifically proves the existence of God and the physical resurrection of the dead.

The Omega Point: The Search for the Missing Mass and the Ultimate Fate of the Universe

 (The Omega Point: The Search for the Missing Mass and the Ultimate Fate of the)
The bestselling author of In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat examines the science of dark matter and ultimate fate of the universe.   Is the universe infinitely expanding? Or at some point in the future will it finally reach its limit—and contract upon itself in one catastrophic reversal of the Big Bang? The ultimate answer to this perplexing question rests on one factor: the omega point. In one of the most astonishing developments of astronomy, scientists have recently discovered that more than 90 percent of the universe is “missing.” In The Omega Point, acclaimed science writer and cosmologist John Gribbin investigates the perplexing mystery of this missing or “dark” matter. How much of it exists? What is it made of? And is its gravitational force enough to reach the omega point—the amount needed to cause the big crunch, as this last fatal cosmological squeeze has been nicknamed? From its first moments of creation, deep in the outermost regions of space, down to the microworld of quarks, bayrons, mesons, and other exotic forms of matter, Gribbin takes us on a fascinating journey along the arrow of time to discover the true nature of the universe we live in. "One of the best science writers around.”—Nature

Twelve Constellations: An Astronomy Themed Notebook Journal

 (Twelve Constellations: An Astronomy Themed Notebook)
This 6x9 lined journal notebook features a cover image from Alexander Jamieson's A Celestial Atlas. It depicts Twelve Constellaitons: Corvus, Crater, Sextans, Hydra, Lupus, Centaurus, Antlia, Pyxis, Argo Navis, Noctua and Felis.

Seeing Stars: A Complete Guide to the 88 Constellations (Hardcover)

Omega Constellation Star (Seeing Stars: A Complete Guide to the 88 Constellations)

Constellation Finder : A Guide to Patterns in the Night Sky with Star Stories from Around the World

Omega Constellation Star (Constellation Finder : A Guide to Patterns in the Night Sky with Star Stories from Around the)

Stars and Constellations

Omega Constellation Star (Stars and Constellations)
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