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Creative Paperclay Pearl Paper Clay for Modeling Compound, 16-Ounce, White

 (Creative Paperclay Pearl Paper Clay for Modeling Compound, 16-Ounce,)
CREATIVE PAPERCLAY-Pearl Paper clay Modeling Material. Pearl Paper clay is an economy grade modeling material especially developed for schools. Pearl Paper clay is value priced and a great alternative to instant paper Mache or Styrofoam based products. It is made from all natural ingredients; is non-toxic and biodegradable (it carries the Art & Craft Materials Institute AP non-toxic label.). Comes out of the package ready to use (no mixing or kneading required) in a clean white color. Its very soft and fine texture can be sculpted; shaped or molded very easily while moist. After it air dries; it becomes very hard; not spongy. It can be painted or colored with tempera; acrylics or markers making it ideal for kids crafts or classroom projects. This package contains 16 ounces of modeling material. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Imported.

Jacquard Products Jacquard Pearl EX Powdered Pigments 3G 1,Series 1

 (Jacquard Products Jacquard Pearl EX Powdered Pigments 3G 1,Series)
JACQUARD-Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments Series 1. These powdered pigments work like magic; they can be used to simulate metallic sheens; leather; antigue metals; raku pottery; shimmering pearlescents; and much more! These powders can be mixed with just about any medium and applied to most surfaces! Mix with paint (acrylic and oil); clays; varnish; even wax. Apply to clay; glass; metal; wood; paper; fabric; and both list go on endlessly. Non-toxic; neutral ph; colorfast; will not tarnish or fade; and is ideal for archival applications. Includes twelve 3 gram jars: micro pearl(650); macro pearl(652); super russet(654); super copper(655); brilliant gold(656); sparkle gold(657); silver(663); super bronze(664); sunset gold(665); interference violet(673); interference gold(674); duo red blue(680). Conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.

Jacquard Lumiere Exciter Pack .5oz 9/Pkg

 (Jacquard Lumiere Exciter Pack .5oz)
Lumiere is a stunning metallic paint that can be applied with brush; airbrush; stamp; and sponge on a variety of surfaces including paper; polymer clay; cotton; leather; wood; and more. This package contains nine 0.5 ounce bottles of Lumiere (Halo Pink Gold; Halo Blue Gold; Halo Violet Gold; Pearlescent Turquoise; Pearlescent Green; Pearlescent Magenta; Russet; Pewter; Sunset Gold). Conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.

Jacquard Products Jacquard Pearl Ex Varnish, 2.25-Ounce (JAC1649)

 (Jacquard Products Jacquard Pearl Ex Varnish, 2.25-Ounce)
Jacquard products-pearl ex varnish: clear. Experience the finest grade of pure high gloss clear copolymer. Use as a medium or as a topcoat with pearl ex powdered pigments on clay metal wood or plastic. This package contains one 2.25oz Jar of pearl ex varnish. Conforms to ASTM d 4236. Made in USA.

Jacquard JAC-JPX1650 Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment 0.75 oz Micropearl

 (Jacquard JAC-JPX1650 Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment 0.75 oz)
Jacquard Pearl-Ex Pigments are nontoxic, inert, powdered pigments that exhibit extreme colorfastness and stability. Ideal for interior, exterior and archival applications, they can be incorporated into any viscous medium. They may be spread dry on any porous surface. Their temperature resistance allows them to be fired in a kiln up to 600 degrees. Use with embossing inks to achieve spectacular rubber stamp images.

Jacquard Pearl EX Powder Pigments (32-Color Set)

 (Jacquard Pearl EX Powder Pigments (32-Color)
This set includes 3 gram jars of: Metallics-650 Micropearl 651 Pearlwhite 652 Macropearl 653 Red-Russet 654 Super-Russet 655 Super-Copper 656 Brilliant Gold 657 Sparkle Gold 658 Aztec Gold 659 Antique Gold 660 Antique Bronze 661 Antique Copper 662 Antique Silver 663 Bright Yellow 684 Flamingo Pink 685 Sprin green 686 Turquoise 687 True Blue 688 Misty Lavender 689 Blue Russet 690 Sparkling Copper. Duo colors-680 Red/Blue 681 Blue/Green 682 Green/Yellow. Interference Colors-670 Red 671 Blue 672 Green 673 Violet and 674 Gold.

Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay 2 Ounces-Peacock Pearl (PE02 5038)

 (Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay 2 Ounces-Peacock Pearl (PE02)
Premo! Accents was specifically designed with the artist in mind. Premo! Sculpey is the best brand of clay for caning because the colors do not bleed and the clay maintains crisp lines. This line is enhanced with Glitters, Granites, Pearls, Translucents and Metallics. These specialized clays give new dimensions and looks to the advanced techniques of mokume gane, caning, mica shift and much more! Our metallics are the best brand for mica shift due to the high concentration of the mica particles. There are 24 Accents clays for you to choose from and they all blend perfectly with any of the premo! Sculpey colors for an endless amount of creativity.

Creative Paperclay Delight Air Dry for Modeling Compound, 3-Ounce, White

 (Creative Paperclay Delight Air Dry for Modeling Compound, 3-Ounce,)
CREATIVE PAPERCLAY-Pearl Paper clay Modeling Material. This is an exciting new modeling medium. It is pure white in color and extremely soft and easy to shape or mold. This non-toxic material is super clean to work with and picks up details beautifully. Delight holds its form while shaping and then air hardens to create an extraordinarily lightweight (about 1/2 the weight of Creative Paper clay by volume) and durable finished piece. Water base paint can be kneaded into Delight very easily and without mess to make an infinite range of colors with which to work. Of course; it can be colored with any kind of paint after it's dried. This package contains 3 ounces of modeling compound. Conforms to ASMT D4236. Imported.

Jacquard Products Pearl Ex Metallic Calligraphy Set, Assorted

 (Jacquard Products Pearl Ex Metallic Calligraphy Set,)
Jacquard products-pearl Ex metallic calligraphy set: assorted colors. The perfect introduction to making custom reflective ink! this package contains nine 3G jars of pearl EX pigment in assorted colors and three 2.25G jars of gum Arabic. Non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.

Sculpey Polymer Clay Teal Pearl

Pearl Paper Clay (Sculpey Polymer Clay Teal)

Fimo Soft Polymer Clay, 2oz

Pearl Paper Clay (Fimo Soft Polymer Clay, 2oz)

Sculpey Polymer Clay Princess Pearl

Pearl Paper Clay (Sculpey Polymer Clay Princess)
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