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Logan Model 201 Oval & Circle Mat Cutter

 (Logan Model 201 Oval & Circle Mat)
Patented 3-step mechanism is fast, portable, very easy to use, and costs hundreds less than comparable oval cutters. Cuts perfect bevel openings without connecting to any other equipment. Cut single, double, or even triple mats. Adjusts from oval to circle cutter with a simple twist of the knob. Cut ovals from 3-1/4" x 4-3/4" (8.25cm x 12cm) to 20"x 23" (51cm x 58cm) and circles from 4-3/4" to 20" (11.5cm x 51cm) diameter. Maximum difference between oval width and oval height is 3" (7.62cm). Includes creative matting instructions and five extra blades. Uses Logan 324 blade.

American Crafts Sweet Sugarbelle Nested Cookie Cutters Oval 4 Piece

 (American Crafts Sweet Sugarbelle Nested Cookie Cutters Oval 4)
Make basic cookie shapes or transform an oval into a Ladybug, a flower into a ballerina, or a rectangle into a Football stadium. This package includes 4 nesting oval cookie cutters.

Fiskars Oval and Circle Cutter Set

 (Fiskars Oval and Circle Cutter)
These versatile tools instantly cut perfect circles and ovals every time. They are incredibly easy to use and are ideal for either left or right-handed users. The unique clear base of the circle cutter allows users to see exactly where they are positioning their cuts. Adjustable arms enable crafters to cut circles from 1-inch to 8-inch diameters and ovals from 3-1/2 by 2-1/2-inch to 8-3/8 by 6-1/2-inch. Cutters work on paper, photos, cardstock and a host of other thin materials. Package also contains two replacement blades for each cutter, an oval cutter guide, a circle cutter guide, oval cutter pen holder, a 12-inch craft mat and a complete instruction guide. Made in usa/imported.

PME PNO3 Oval Cutter, Set of 6, White

 (PME PNO3 Oval Cutter, Set of 6,)
These cutters are perfect for cookies, pastries, fondant, cake decoration and craft. Set comes with 6 different sizes. Use your imagination and create wonderful items. PME quality Product.

Marketty 4 Size Oval Shape Hole Punch Cutter Belt Watch Band Gasket Hollow Leather Tool

 (Marketty 4 Size Oval Shape Hole Punch Cutter Belt Watch Band Gasket Hollow Leather)
Simple and easy to operate, let your efficiency! Size: Mix 4 Sizes(7x3mm,6x4mm,8x3mm,8x4mm)Put the leather belt (or others) on the soft table before you punch the shape.

Ateco 9pc Plain Oval Cutter Set

 (Ateco 9pc Plain Oval Cutter)
Ateco's Plain Oval Cutter Set includes nine cutters with plain edges. Cutters made of stainless steel and range in size from 1 1/16 to 3 3/8-inches. Cutters are perfect for cutting pastry, cookies, dough, or as a form for food. By Ateco. Since 1905, Ateco has supplied fine restaurants and bakeries with quality built, specialty baking tools. Ateco products are internationally renowned for their high quality. When you use Ateco products, you’re not only enjoying quality craftsmanship, you’re also enjoying quality design; the products are a result of over one hundred years and four generations of innovation and development.

Fletcher Circle and Oval Cutter

 (Fletcher Circle and Oval)
The lightweight CRL Fletcherâ"¢ Circle and Oval Cutter is perfect for the glass shop that needs a circle and oval cutter combination. Ovals can be cut from a minimum of 4-1/2 inches (114 millimeters) to a maximum of 24 inches (609 millimeters). A three inch (76.2 millimeter) maximum offset between the two measurements is allowed. The largest circle that can be cut is 21 inches (533 millimeters). Unit secures to the glass by a small suction cup actuated by a knurled vacuum disc. Replacement wheels are available by ordering F03131.

Wilton 417-2583 6-Piece Nesting Fondant Double Sided Cut Out Cutters, Oval

 (Wilton 417-2583 6-Piece Nesting Fondant Double Sided Cut Out Cutters,)
With Cut Outs Fondant Cutters, it's easy to make fun shapes for your fondant cakes and cupcakes. Just roll out fondant or gum paste, press down with the standard steel Cut outs and lift away. Remove shapes with small spatula. Double-sided; straight and crinkle cuts.

CADY Crafts Punch 2-Inch Paper Punches Craft Punches oval

 (CADY Crafts Punch 2-Inch Paper Punches Craft Punches)

Fox Run 4" Plain Round Donut Doughnut Cookie Biscuit Cutter With Handle, Kitchen

Plain Oval Cutter (Fox Run 4



PME Plain Fluted Oval Cutter 50mm

Plain Oval Cutter (PME Plain Fluted Oval Cutter)
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