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SCALPEL & 10 BLADES: Stainless steel scalpel is #4 in size and is perfect for dispatching and processing a bird or rabbit. Surgical scalpel is the most humane way to process meat birds and rabbits. The fine sharp blade of a scalpel like used in surgery takes a few minutes for a body to sense the pain as it is such a fine cut. By the time the body senses pain the animal will have already passed. Scalpel and all 10 size #23 blades are individually packaged and sterile.

KITCHENER Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker De-Feather Remover Poultry & Fowl Food Processor Heavy Duty Electric 1.2HP 120VAC 280RPM Planetary Gear Motor GFCI Connector 92 Soft Fingers 20" Drum Diameter

 (KITCHENER Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker De-Feather Remover Poultry & Fowl Food Processor Heavy Duty Electric 1.2HP 120VAC 280RPM Planetary Gear Motor GFCI Connector 92 Soft Fingers 20
Our Chicken Plucker is a Heavy Duty Commercial De-Feather Remover Poultry & Fowl Food Processor, built of premium safe & sanitary 403 Brushed Stainless Steel body/base (protecting from rust). Utilizing an all-powerful 1.2HP 120VAC 800W 280RPM Planetary Gear Transmission Reduction Motor w/ an Over-current protector GFCI Connector. Included w/ 92 soft fingers in a large 20" drum dia. w/ a Barrel Thickness: 0.6mm. (0.023 or 1/32 in.) & Panels Thickness: 0.3mm. (0.011 or 1/64 in.)Our powerful & reliable Fowl & Poultry Feather Plucker has a durable structure capable of 2-4 birds at one time, in just 15-30 seconds per foul, that is 3-4 in under 2 minutes (depending on the size of the fouls & if properly scalded, will guarantee high speeds & efficiency) making the job quick'n easy & effortless. Our Plucker has a robust compact design for easy storage & transportation, including 2 wheels for optimal maneuverability & a 3 leg for extra stability & support.We recommend to always use eye & hand protection. This Plucker is of commercial outdoor grade, perfect for farms & food processing facilities. We use a GFCI switch & waterproof IP54 weather resistant electrical housing for optimal safety. ATTENTION: ALWAYS CONNECT PROXIMITY SENSOR SWITCH CORRECTLY, instruction can be found on youtube. *N...

Victorinox Poultry, 3-3/4" Straight Vent, Boning, Medium Black Fibrox Pro Handle

 (Victorinox Poultry, 3-3/4
Over the years, both customer needs and technology have changed. The Swiss Army knife has evolved by responding to these needs, while remaining an essential tool our clients can rely on. That's our story. But it's not what turned the victorinox knife into an icon. It's about the stories our customers experienced in which our products played a vital role: stories about memorable moments of adventure and expeditions on earth, in the sky, and in space. Dramatic stories in which our products contributed to solutions and saved lives. Even stories of prominent encounters where our knives opened doors, helping to create ties between politicians, opinion leaders and nations. In all of these stories it becomes clear that thanks to the talent of our EMPLOYEES we have been able to develop products that excel in their functionality, quality and design - making them true Companions for life. We invite you to discover the world of victorinox and are proud to be a companion for your life. Thank you for your interest and trust in victorinox.

DreamGYM Indoor Swing Trapeze & Rings Combo and Therapy Sensory Swing

 (DreamGYM Indoor Swing Trapeze & Rings Combo and Therapy Sensory)
DreamGYM doorway swing (or also known as door frame gym) is a great solution for keeping kids active. Chrome plated bar adjusts to fit most standard width door frames from 26″ to 36″ wide. The weight capacity is 220 lbs, so teenagers and adults can do chin-ups too! This kit includes: - support bar - mounting hardware, - 4 (four) hanging straps, - 2 (two) spring clips - trapeze bar with gymnastic rings combo. - sensory swing. Therapy Sensory Swing is great for providing vestibular input for children with sensory processing disorder and autism. Deep pressure create calming effects. The cuddle swing is commonly used in occupational therapy, it helps to stimulate child's vestibular system and give him deep touch pressure. This cuddle swing is a very simple device, four-way stretchable fabric squishes the child inside and rocks him/her back and forth, up and down. It is recommended by occupational therapists and can be used for home therapy. It is made of high quality stretching fabric (95% cotton, 5% lycra/spandex). It has soft and natural feel. It will always have a four-way stretch and you will not get bagging in highly stressed areas. The cuddle swing is machine washable. Machine drying is acceptable, but as with all cotton fabrics, it is recommended to hang for dryin...

Bulk Dish Chlorine Non-Rinse Restaurant Sanitizer by Clean Quick Professional, for use in Commercial Kitchens on Food-Processing Equipment/Utensils or as Sanitizer for Glass, Dishes, and Silverware, 1 oz. Packets (Case of 100)

 (Bulk Dish Chlorine Non-Rinse Restaurant Sanitizer by Clean Quick Professional, for use in Commercial Kitchens on Food-Processing Equipment/Utensils or as Sanitizer for Glass, Dishes, and Silverware, 1 oz. Packets (Case)
Clean Quick’s chlorine sanitizer is a no-rinse dish sanitizer for third-sink sanitizing of dishes, pots and pans, and cooking utensils. This restaurant sanitizer and chlorine cleaner is great for sanitizing hard (non-porous) surfaces, such as chopping blocks, countertops and food-processing equipment.

Forschner / Victorinox Poultry Knife, 3 3/4 in Straight Vent Boning, Small Handle Model 41811

 (Forschner / Victorinox Poultry Knife, 3 3/4 in Straight Vent Boning, Small Handle Model)
The R.H. Forschner collection has grown in size and stature since its name was first carved in steel in 1855. Historically a premier choice of culinary professionals, it is still preferred by professionals today. Renowned for its extremely sharp, Swiss made, steel blades from Victorinox, R.H. Forschner provides professionals in food processing and preparation with superior quality, value-priced cutlery that enhances performance and increases productivity. They are manufactured in Switzerland. The renowned rosewood handles feature a carved handle design with the unique beauty of natural rosewood and are extra durable. The fibrox handles feature a non slip, ergonomic design and are NSF approved. All Victorinox knives feature a high-carbon no stain steel with the unique polished surface and taper ground beveled edge. This edge is known throughout the world for its razor sharpness. Additionally, resharpening with a steel can easily return the edge to its original state over and over again. **The NSF mark is a certification of quality assurance and hygienic design. The National Sanitation Foundation mark is proudly carried on all R.H. Forschner blades with a fibrox or nylon handle and assures you of quality and assurance to use in a commercial environment. Look for this mark. Realize...

Chicken Plucker + Medium Killing Cone +Swedish Knife (Home Processing Kit)

 (Chicken Plucker + Medium Killing Cone +Swedish Knife (Home Processing)
This listing includes: -Drill-Powered Poultry Plucker -Heavy Duty Restraining Cone - Medium Size -Swedish Mora Knife Power Plucker: This drill-powered plucker makes removing feathers from chickens, ducks, or any other type of poultry quick and easy. The spinning motion of the rubber fingers remove feathers without damaging the skin or meat. An average chicken can be plucked in under 90 seconds. Works with any 3/8 inch drive or larger drill or drill press. The Power Plucker is constructed with a 10 inch steel shaft and 6, specially designed durable rubber fingers. Comes with instructions Killing Cone: This killing cone, or restraining funnel as they are sometimes referred to, will make your butchering experience go smoothly. The bird will remain restrained and inverted for a clean hassle-free kill. Constructed of durable 26 gauge steel, -9" top opening, -3.5" bottom opening, -3/8" mounting hole Mora Knife: Mora 511 Carbon Blade Knife with sheath 3.75" carbon blade (sharp enough to shave with!) 4.50" plastic handle with with guard. Snaps securely in plastic sheath. Great for home butchering. The Power Plucker and Killing Cone are made in the USA by our family. You will receive friendly American customer service from us. The knife is imported from Sweden in order to offer...

Handbook of Food Processing Equipment (Food Engineering Series)

 (Handbook of Food Processing Equipment (Food Engineering)
This text covers the design of food processing equipment based on key unit operations, such as heating, cooling, and drying. In addition, mechanical processing operations such as separations, transport, storage, and packaging of food materials, as well as an introduction to food processes and food processing plants are discussed.Handbook of Food Processing Equipment is an essential reference for food engineers and food technologists working in the food process industries, as well as for designers of process plants.  The book also serves as a basic reference for food process engineering students.The chapters cover engineering and economic issues for all important steps in food processing. This research is based on the physical properties of food, the analytical expressions of transport phenomena, and the description of typical equipment used in food processing. Illustrations that explain the structure and operation of industrial food processing equipment are presented. style="font-size: 13.3333330154419px;">The materials of construction and fabrication of food processing equipment are covered here, as well as the selection of the appropriate equipment for various food processing operations. Mechanical processing equipment such as size reduction, size enlargement, homogenization, ...

Poultry Shrink Bags-Clear 13" x 18" Chickens or Rabbits-w/zip ties included/2.5 Mil/Freezer Safe (100)

 (Poultry Shrink Bags-Clear 13
Poultry Shrink Bags-Clear 13" x 18" Chickens or Rabbits-w/ zip ties included/2.5 Mil/Freezer Safe How to Use: Use our 13" x 18" shrink bags to prepare your larger poultry or small game for your freezer with a simple, fast, and no hassle dip in hot 180°-190° clean water for a few seconds. The bags will shrink around your poultry or rabbit. Full instructions are included. Our bags are some of the thickest and most reliable on the commercial market. Our Poultry Bags are: Commercial-grade BPA free FDA Approved Extremely durable The bags have a round-bottom to form fit the bird and are clear in color. The bags have a light dusting of all natural anti-caking powder to keep the bags from sticking together. You will receive zip ties, plastic tubing (to extract air from the body cavity), and complete instructions are all including with your purchase which is everything you need to shrink wrap your poultry or rabbits.

Process Equipment Malfunctions : Techniques to Identify and Correct Plant Problems

Processing Equipment (Process Equipment Malfunctions : Techniques to Identify and Correct Plant)

Game Processing Saw and Knife Combo by Allen Company

Processing Equipment (Game Processing Saw and Knife Combo by Allen)

Butler's Pantry Game Processing 9172 Venison Hickory Jerky Mix

Processing Equipment (Butler's Pantry Game Processing 9172 Venison Hickory Jerky)

Stainless Steel Film Processing Clip #2211-SS (10 pcs.) "FREE SHIPPING"

Processing Equipment (Stainless Steel Film Processing Clip #2211-SS (10 pcs.)

Stainless Steel 304 Mesh #8 .035 Wire Cloth Screen 6"x12"

Processing Equipment (Stainless Steel 304 Mesh #8 .035 Wire Cloth Screen)

Stainless Steel 304 Mesh #4 .047Wire Cloth Screen 11”x20”

Processing Equipment (Stainless Steel 304 Mesh #4 .047Wire Cloth Screen)
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