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Radiant Star Quilts

 (Radiant Star Quilts)
Radiant Star has traditionally been one of the most recognizable quilt patterns and until now among the most difficult. Eleanor Burns has done it again with detailed, no-fail directions, making this star easy, fast, and most of all fun to put together. Inspiring photos of a variety of quilts show some of the many colors and styles in which the Radiant Star can be made. The possibilities are endless. Updated methods and tools are used to create strikingly beautiful starbursts of intense color and diversity.

Radiant Star Quilt (Quilt in a Day Series)

 (Radiant Star Quilt (Quilt in a Day)
Book by Burns, Eleanor

Radiant Star

 (Radiant Star)
FOREWORDAs Radiant Star,That shineth farUpon Earth's midnight darkness deep.Doth thro' the nightA beacon lightBecome for wandering feet.So souls may shine.With love divineTo light Life's lonely midnights darkFor those who struggle on apart.Bewildered, lone and sick at heart.O Soul divine.Arise and shine.Send forth thy radiant love-filled beamsTill all who pineIn sorrow's lineMay spring, awakened from their dreamsOf loss and painTo walk againWith hope and courage toward the Day.O Star of Life, in every raySend love and light upon Earth's way.

Quilter's Favorites--Pieced Points & Stars: A Collection of 19 Radiant Projects for All Skill Levels

 (Quilter's Favorites--Pieced Points & Stars: A Collection of 19 Radiant Projects for All Skill)
Reacquaint yourself with a spectacular variety of pieced patterns from your favorite C&T authors, including Alex Anderson, Piece O' Cake Designs, Jean Wells, and Carol Doak. Whether you like One-Block Quilts, Mariner's Compass Stars, or New York Beauties, this book is sure to peak your curiosity!

Beautiful as the Moon, Radiant as the Stars: Jewish Women in Yiddish Stories - An Anthology

 (Beautiful as the Moon, Radiant as the Stars: Jewish Women in Yiddish Stories - An)
- This book is certain to appeal to the millions of Jewish women interested in Jewish literature and the writings of Cynthia Ozick, Francine Prose, and Grace Paley. Beautifully packaged, it is an ideal Mother's Day or Bat-Mitzvah gift.- This volume contains translations of Yiddish stories from eminent scholars--including an Isaac Bashevis Singer story that has never before been published in English--and well-known tales that Jewish readers everywhere love.- As bestsellers such as "Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer (Houghton Mifflin, 4/02) and "For the Relief of Unbearable Urges by Nathan Englander (Knopf, 1999) have demonstrated, there is a strong interest in Jewish stories.- Yiddish culture and music have seen a resurgence in recent years. NPR's "All Things Considered aired a series of highly acclaimed documentaries about the Yiddish Radio Project and Klezmer musicians regularly play at top alternative venues.

Radiant: The Cookbook

 (Radiant: The Cookbook)
Turn your pantry into a storehouse of beauty fuel -- and you'll begin to radiate health from the inside out.   From adaptogens and algae to sweet potatoes and turmeric, discover the exquisite flavors and healing magic of whole foods. In this A to Z guide and cookbook of the world’s most nutrient-dense foods, chef and nutritionist Mafalda Pinto Leite will illuminate how nature provides everything you need to achieve radiant health.     Radiant is about falling in love with pure food and receiving the dynamic life-force fuel these superfoods naturally provide. With the healing potency of raw vegetables, fruits, petals, herbs, roots, nuts, seaweeds, and more, you can age gracefully, ease stress, sleep better, and even feel more confident and creative. The (mostly) raw, vegan recipes highlight these powerhouse foods in unexpected ways, such as with the Rose Quartz Latte, Zen Chia Pudding with Matcha Whip, Moroccan Spiced Salad with Chickpea Popcorn, Into the Sea Salad Bowl, and Chocolate Maca Doughnuts.   As you follow Mafalda’s joyful “inside out” approach, you’ll experience bountiful energy, acute brainpower, balanced hormones, luminous skin, elevated moods, and restored digestion. These transformative recipes are your guide to choosing foods with the potential to ...

Radiant Star Motif Crochet Bespread Pattern - Crocheted Together - No Sewing

 (Radiant Star Motif Crochet Bespread Pattern - Crocheted Together - No)
Materials: J. & P. Coats KNIT-CRO-SHEEN. Single Size – 55 balls of White or Ecru, or 72 balls of any color. Double Size – 67 balls of White or Ecru, or 90 balls of any color. Steel Crochet Hook No. 7.Each Block measures about 5 ¾ inches across, from side to side (6 ¼ inches from point to point). For a single size spread, about 72 x 108 inches, make 241 blocks. For a double size spread, about 90 x 108 inches, make 304 blocks.

Radiant Sunshine & Shadow: 23 Quilts with Nine-Patch Sparkle

 (Radiant Sunshine & Shadow: 23 Quilts with Nine-Patch)
Make 23 shimmering quilts from just one easy nine-patch block. 13 complete projects, plus 10 gallery quilts.

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot

 (Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot)
A vibrant recolored version of the original Rider-Waite Tarot deck. This fully illustrated 78-card deck gives a new radiance and depth to the most cherished, popular tarot deck in the world. Includes booklet.



Purple Radiant Stars Borders (0190), 35 feet per package By Creative Teaching Press

Radiant Star (Purple Radiant Stars Borders (0190), 35 feet per package By Creative Teaching)

Radiant Star Quilts Book QD1083

Radiant Star (Radiant Star Quilts Book)
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