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Eisco Labs Light Box - 27 Piece Optical Kit, Covering 18 Topics in Optics with Full Activity Guide

 (Eisco Labs Light Box - 27 Piece Optical Kit, Covering 18 Topics in Optics with Full Activity)
This kit is very useful for reflection, refraction, and color mixing experiments. The light box consists of a light source 12 V, 24 W lamp, producing convergent, divergent or parallel beam. On one end, an adjustable cylindrical convex lens (for parallel beam) and on the other end, a triple aperture system for color mixing experiments (lateral aperture are provided with adjustable hinged mirror). All apertures in the box are provided with vertical channels to hold slit plates and color filters. The optical set includes acrylic blocks, set of three mirrors, 2 slit black plates, one with three narrow slits at one end and one narrow slit at the other end. Another black plate with four narrow slits at one end, one wide slit at the other end and set of seven mounted color filters. Supplied with working instructions. Kit does NOT includes power supply, must be purchased separtely.

Laser Ray Box and Lenses

 (Laser Ray Box and Lenses)
Perfect for inquiry investigations of light and refraction. The most complete, economical optics kit you'll find! Look at everything you get: variable laser ray box, 8 different acrylic lenses, activity mat with printed scales and angles, and convenient hard-shell storage case to keep everything organized and ready to use. Includes power adaptor.

Eisco Labs Ray Box

 (Eisco Labs Ray Box)
EISCO Ray Box(1) Ray box, (2) meter of flex, (2) 4mm plugs, (1) 12V - 24W B15 bulb, (1) bulb holder, (1) slit plate, (2) aluminium blanking platesThis traditional Ray box has three openings, two of which can be used simultaneously by two sets of pupils. The two side openings each havetwo slots for accommodating blanking plates, 50 mm slide accessories. A front opening provides seven grooves for accessories and lenses which have been designed so that when used with a biconvex cylindrical lens of 75 mm focal length, divergent or convergent rays are obtained through the slit plate. Only a minimum of accessories are needed to cover a wide range of optics experiments. Supplied with 2 meter of flex and two 4mm plugs, 12V, 24W B15 bulb, bulb holder, slit plate, aluminium blanking plates. Supplied with working instructions.

Ray Box (Wall Powered), Halogen Source

 (Ray Box (Wall Powered), Halogen)
This new EISCO Ray Box is a simple, safe and sturdy source of projected light for many classic optics experiments-best of all, you don't need a completely dark room to conduct optic experiments due to high intensity light used. It produces parallel convergent rays across a plane horizontal surface and the rays are intense enough to be traced in natural light. Built in solid aluminum extrusion casing. Is supplied with a multi slit that produces either a single wide beam or choice of one , three or five pencil thin rays. It is supplies with a power adapter with all international safety certifications which can be plugged into the mains source 100-240V 50/60 Hz, or an external power supply may be used in the lab. It comes with a fixed lens, a slit with multiple sides and an adaptor.

Eisco Labs Ray Box

 (Eisco Labs Ray Box)
Eisco Labs Ray BoxThis Ray box is essential for all of your optical demonstrations and experiments in the physics classroom. A ventilated lamp is housed within the ray box with an open front and extended sides finned externally for heat dissipation. Four vertical internal grooves accommodate multiple slit plate and cylindrical lens positions. Takes 47mm wide lenses, filters, and slit plates. Unit has a light source of a 12 V, 21 W lamp in a holder with one meter of twin flex with banana plugs leads. Ray box comes with single and triple slit metal plate, whitened on one side and other side black matt. Operates on 12 volt power supply, such as Eisco Labs Battery Eliminator (not included). Lens not included. Made of heavy duty die cast alloy. Measures 6 x 3.5 x 2.25 inches.

SEOH Light Ray Physics Box with 3 Filters (Red, Green and Blue)

 (SEOH Light Ray Physics Box with 3 Filters (Red, Green and)
To study color mixing and behavior of light with lenses and refraction blocks (not supplied), where parallel ray of lights are required. Has a built-in lens to produce parallel rays of light. Sturdy Plastic Construction, with finned sides for heat dissipation. Comes complete with 3 filters (red, blue and green.) 3 slit plates with one, two, three and four slits. Operates on 12V 2Amps dc. Size 6 1/2"(165mm) x 3"(75mm) x 2 1/8"(55mm). Requires external power source. Operates on 12V 2A. Not included.

Rayovac Proline Advanced Mercury-Free Hearing Aid Batteries44; Box - 4844; Size 312

 (Rayovac Proline Advanced Mercury-Free Hearing Aid Batteries44; Box - 4844; Size)
Never miss a moment with the worlds longest lasting hearing aid battery Rayovac Proline have 30 more battery life than other mercury-free hearing aid batteries. Whats more its environmentally friendly with consistent power and performance that rivals mercury-containing products on the market today.. Item Weight - 1 lbs.. Size 312.

Water Pancake Stingray Funny Humor Pill Case Trinket Gift Box

 (Water Pancake Stingray Funny Humor Pill Case Trinket Gift)
About The Product: This terrific case can hold anything from medications to coins to your miscellaneous trinkets. The hinged lid is decorated with the resin-topped design as shown. The case is made of chrome-plated metal with a plastic insert to hold your items. The inner dimensions of the case are approximately 1.5" (3.8cm) in diameter and 0.5" (1.3cm) in depth. ⁣ ⁣About The Design: LCT Creative. License bCreative.

Bounty Select-A-Size, 8 Rolls

 (Bounty Select-A-Size, 8 Rolls)
Don't let spills and messes get in your way. Lock in confidence with Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper. This pack contains Bounty white Select-A-Size paper towels that are 2X more absorbent and strong when wet, so you can get the job done quickly. vs. the Custom-Size-It brand in the US and the Premium Green Leaf Towel in Canada vs. leading ordinary brand

Spider-man: Homecoming (Limited Edition Gift Box) (Walmart Exclusive) (Blu-ray + Digital)

Ray Box (Spider-man: Homecoming (Limited Edition Gift Box) (Walmart Exclusive) (Blu-ray +)

Game Of Thrones: S1-8 Limited Edition Collector's Box Set, Complete Series (Blu-ray + Digital Copy)

Ray Box (Game Of Thrones: S1-8 Limited Edition Collector's Box Set, Complete Series (Blu-ray + Digital)

The Lion King Trilogy 1-3 [Blu-ray] 1 2 3 Box Set [UK Import]

Ray Box (The Lion King Trilogy 1-3 [Blu-ray] 1 2 3 Box Set [UK)
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