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Royal Doulton James Bond Spectre Jack The Bulldog Figurine

 (Royal Doulton James Bond Spectre Jack The Bulldog)
A version of the Bulldog, Jack, has been created to mark his second appearance in a James bond Movie, this time in specter. During the dramatic explosion in his first film, sky fall, Jack was damaged but he reappears at the end of the film on m's desk reassembled although cracks to his face are visible. As James bond might say, 'Jack's Shaken not spent!'.

Royal Doulton Top Dogs Doodle - Yorkshire Terrier 3.8 Inch

 (Royal Doulton Top Dogs Doodle - Yorkshire Terrier 3.8)
Stylish yet charming, the new top dog collection from Royal Doulton is a contemporary twist on traditional figurines. With six different figures, each boasting their very own special personality, the top dog collection allows you to pick your favorite characters from a range of breeds and designs including: Jack Russell,, Labrador, Airdale Terrier, Pug, Cocker Spaniel and Yorkshire Terrier. Gracefully sat on a circular or square cushion and displaying a striking print of either green daisies, Lilac Dots, orange chevrons, red diamonds, Navy spots or Blue herringbone patterning, the dogs can also be mixed and matched to suit interior schemes. 'Aptly named 'Doodle', this Cheeky Yorkshire Terrier loves to be cuddled and stroked by loved ones. His mischievous personality and green Daisy cushion brightens up any home.

Royal Doulton Coffee Studio Cappuccino Cup & Saucer Set

 (Royal Doulton Coffee Studio Cappuccino Cup & Saucer)
Inspired by the relaxed vibe of a coffee bar, Royal Doulton's Coffee Studio collection is ideal for every coffee lover. Bring barista style coffee into your home with this stylish Cappuccino Cup and Saucer Set, featuring a partially dipped glaze design in contemporary light grey and off white colors. The perfectly rounded cup shape helps to blend the warm frothed milk with the freshly brewed espresso. This Coffee Studio Cappuccino Cup & Saucer is presented in a trendy folded coffee bean style bag finished with a Royal Doulton bull dog clip.

Royal Doulton Bulldogs Figurine, Patch

 (Royal Doulton Bulldogs Figurine,)
Royal Doulton Bulldogs, Patch is designed by Charles Noke. Patch takes his name from his patchwork decoration that's cleverly formed from silhouettes of Great Britain. Sporting a bright red collar, Patch is the smartest piebald Bulldog in town.

Royal Doulton c1972-1986 Charlotte figurine - HN2421 - PSN53

 (Royal Doulton c1972-1986 Charlotte figurine - HN2421 -)
A very pretty Royal Doulton figurine - purple dress with cute little dog on the lap. Previously owned figurine but in excellent condition. Does not come with original Royal Doulton box. Measures approximately 6.5 inches in height.

ED Ellen Degeneres Dog Mug by Royal Albert

 (ED Ellen Degeneres Dog Mug by Royal)
Surprise the dog devotee in your life with this charming Dog Mug. The perfect size and sentiment, ideal for coffee, tea or desserts!

Royal Doulton Bulldogs Figurine, Sam USA

 (Royal Doulton Bulldogs Figurine, Sam)
Royal Doulton Bulldogs, Sam is designed by Charles Noke. Sam is resplendent in the starts and stripes of the USA flag and was named after "Uncle Sam", one of America's most familiar icons.

Royal Doulton Bulldogs Figurine, Rocky Canada

 (Royal Doulton Bulldogs Figurine, Rocky)
Royal Doulton Bulldogs, Rocky is designed by Charles Noke. Rocky features the maple leaf and red stripes of the Canadian flag and is named after the landmark Rocky Mountains that run for more than 3,000 miles from British Columbia in Canada to New Mexico.

Royal Doulton Skyfall Bulldog Alfie

 (Royal Doulton Skyfall Bulldog)

Royal Doulton Top Dogs Ollie - Cocker Spaniel 3.8"

Royal Doulton Dogs (Royal Doulton Top Dogs Ollie - Cocker Spaniel)

Royal Doulton Lichfield 8-Inch Rim Soup

Royal Doulton Dogs (Royal Doulton Lichfield 8-Inch Rim)

Royal Doulton Abbey Hall 5-Piece Place Setting

Royal Doulton Dogs (Royal Doulton Abbey Hall 5-Piece Place)
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