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Dicor RP-CRC-1 Rubber Roof Acrylic Coating Wht

 (Dicor RP-CRC-1 Rubber Roof Acrylic Coating)
Extend the life of your rubber roof! Two part, commercial grade system combines a cleaner / activator necessary for proper roof preparation and an acrylic coating that provides an excellent protective barrier for extending the life of the EPDM rubber membrane. Saves over 25% in labour compared to similar systems. Quick drying time. Part 2: Acrylic Coating is an excellent protective barrier extending the life of your rubber roof membrane. Provides superior weather ability, UV resistance. Use with Dicor Rubber Roof Cleaner/Activator for proper adhesion. Requires two coats. Coverage rate of 1 gallon per 125 sq. ft. per coat.

Rubberseal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing and Protective Coating - Roll On White (1 Gallon, White)

 (Rubberseal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing and Protective Coating - Roll On White (1 Gallon,)
Rubberseal is a high end liquid rubber waterproofing product specifically designed to provide an outstanding seal for all types of home and industrial waterproofing applications. Rubberseal White's Energy Star certification makes this product ideal for roofing applications as it reflects heat off of the roofs of buildings. Roll On Liquid Rubber is a water based, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), cold applied, seamless rubber membrane specifically designed for protecting and waterproofing various household and industrial items. Offering exceptional chemical resistance, puncture resistance and elongation, Rubberseal is a high-end emulsion that exhibits tremendous bond strengths. Rubberseal installs easily by roll or trowel, quickly developing excellent film strength. Rubberseal Roll On provides a sure seal, ideal for a durable waterproof solution in the most demanding service applications.

Heng's Rubber Roof Coating - 1 Gallon

 (Heng's Rubber Roof Coating - 1)
Heng's rubber roof coating used to seal EDPM rubber roofs. Designed for use over RV rubber roofs, at seams and tears and to seal vents, air conditioners, etc.

KST COATING KS0063300-20 White Roof Coat, 4.75 Gallon

 (KST COATING KS0063300-20 White Roof Coat, 4.75)
4.75 gallon, white, elastomeric, roof coating, energy savings of up to 35%, helps extend the life of your roof, water seals the roof aiding in stopping leaks, forms a rubber like blanket of protection, protects against moisture, durable acrylic elastomeric resin for durability, expands & contracts with your roof, retains flexibility from -10 to 160 degree Fahrenheit, mildew & algae resistant, soap & water clean up, 7 year warranty, pail.

Jetcoat Cool King Elastomeric Acrylic Reflective Roof Coating, White, 5 Gallon, 5 Year Protection

 (Jetcoat Cool King Elastomeric Acrylic Reflective Roof Coating, White, 5 Gallon, 5 Year)
JetCoat is the longest tenured retail brand name, with buying power and strategic partnerships across various component companies. The JetCoat 5 Year White Reflective Roof Coating is an acrylic elastomeric roof coating designed to form a rubber-like membrane over a variety of roof surfaces. Reflects the sun's rays resulting in energy cost savings. Designed for use on metal, polyurethane foam, masonry, asphalt, and wood surfaces. Clean Roof - Sweep off all dirt, dust, and debris. Remove rust, mildew, oil, grease, or other foreign material on the surface. Allow freshly applied asphalt roofs to cure a minimum of 4 weeks prior to applying this coating. Scrub roof with roof cleaner or bleach solution (1 part chlorine bleach and 3 parts water). Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Applying Roof Coating - Stir pail thoroughly. Do not dilute. For best results apply White Elastomeric Roof Coating with a soft brush, 3/4" nap paint roller, or high pressure sprayer (Tip Size: .021 to .025). For optimum performance, durability and warranty purposes, apply a second coat.

Dicor 501LSW-1 Self-Leveling Lap Sealant, 4 Pack

 (Dicor 501LSW-1 Self-Leveling Lap Sealant, 4)
Helps create a seal along a roof's edges, around air vents, vent pipes and screw heads. Compatible with any roofing material. Also offers excellent adhesion to aluminum, mortar, wood, vinyl, galvanized metal and concrete. Improves the ability to continuously seal and remain flexible. Color matched, the lap sealant is UV stabilized to prevent deterioration and discoloration and will not stain or discolor any material to which it is applied. 10.3 oz. tubes. White

Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating/Sealant - Solar Reflective | Waterproof | Easy to Apply | Brilliant White | 5 Gallon

 (Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating/Sealant - Solar Reflective | Waterproof | Easy to Apply | Brilliant White | 5)
Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating/Sealant is a liquid that cures into a waterproof membrane. It can be used on all types of RV roofs, campers, trailers, mobile homes and more. It is environmentally friendly, containing no Solvents, VOC's or harmful odors. Ensure a clean, dry surface. Use Acetone as a conditioner on EPDM/TPO Roofs. Use EPDM/TPO Primer on EPDM/TPO Roofs. EPDM is a rubber sheet membrane. TPO is a plasticy sheet membrane. Use LIQUID RUBBER SEAM TAPE to bridge seams, joints, vents, protrusions to create a long lasting repair or rejuvenation. Apply when temperature is above 50F/10C. Apply to a dry surface, free of dirt, loose flaky paint and coatings, oil, grease, coal tar or other contaminants. Typically cures within 24-48 hrs. Do not freeze. Store in a warm area. Do not apply in wet conditions or if rain is forcasted within 24 hrs. Coverage is 100 sq ft/G per coat. Apply a minimum of 2-3 heavy coats to achieve a 40-60 mil. (1.0-1.5mm) membrane. A typical 30 ft RV needs 1-5G pail. Apply next coat when dry to touch and nothing is wet underneath; Tacky is okay. Generally 12-24 hrs between heavy coats. Amounts vary depending on surface roughness. If you have dipping or ponding areas, double the amount of product. Use all material up to achieve a long lasting membrane. Avoid...

Rust-Oleum 275116 Stop Rust Leak Seal Flexible Rubber Coating Sealant, Crystal Clear

 (Rust-Oleum 275116 Stop Rust Leak Seal Flexible Rubber Coating Sealant, Crystal)
Rust-Oleum Stops Rust LeakSeal Brush is an easy to use, rubberized protective utility coating designed to fill and seal leaks and cracks. It provides a water-tight, flexible seal that prevents moisture penetration, rust and corrosion. Ideal for filling large problematic and hard-to-reach areas.

EternaBond 2" X 50 RV Rubber Roof Seal Repair White

 (EternaBond 2
Seal any rip, tear, or open seam in any surface with RoofSeal. RoofSeal is the best solution for leak repair It is the choice of professional roof repair specialists, on virtually all roof types including EPDM, TPO, Hypalon, most PVC, all metals, even copper and kynar coated metals, tiles, wood, concrete, etc. RoofSeal even works great on land-fill and pond liners. EternaBond specialized backing has proven to be UV stable, even after 19 years in full sunlight. EternaBond MicroSealant has a built in primer which allows RoofSeal to bond with the surface it is installed on. Perfect for re-seaming all roofs, regardless of the material. RoofSeal makes a permanent water-tight seal.

Flex Seal Spray Rubber Sealant Coating, 14-oz, Black

Rubber Roof Seal (Flex Seal Spray Rubber Sealant Coating, 14-oz,)

Flex Seal Spray Rubber Sealant Coating, 14-oz, Clear

Rubber Roof Seal (Flex Seal Spray Rubber Sealant Coating, 14-oz,)

4" WHITE Eternabond Roof Leak Repair Tape Patch Seal

Rubber Roof Seal (4
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