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The Camp of the Saints

 (The Camp of the Saints)
Originally published in France in 1973 and in English translation in 1975 by the distinguished American publisher Charles Scribner Sons, The Camp of the Saints has been described as the 1984 of the late twentieth century. The Social Contract Press is honored to be able to offer a reprint of this gripping novel, which envisions the overrunning of European civilization by burgeoning Third World populations. This new (6th) edition includes an interview with the author, Jean Raspail s comments to the French newspaper Le Figaro near the twenty-fifth anniversary of its publication, a collection of reviews of the book at the time it was first released in the United States, and two additional supplements: Lee Mare s introduction and his translation of Raspail s foreword to the 2011 French edition, titled Big Other. (softcover, 384 pages)

Jean de Brébeuf: Saint among the Hurons

 (Jean de Brébeuf: Saint among the)
The Hurons stared at the giant young Norman, as tall and broad as they, a Jesuit priest robed in black and with a full black beard on his gentle face. He was to live among them for nineteen years, patiently and with enormous difficulty learning their ways and language, and with infinite pains leading a small band of them into the Christian faith and away from the blood lusts of their violent life.He would eat their raw bear and moose meat, paddle many months and many miles in their canoes, build his rough chapel surrounded by their long houses, and win their respect and love. At length, joined by other "Blackrobes", Father Jean de Brébeuf erected a bit of Old France, with church and stockade, in the Canadian wilderness.Never disturbed by fears for his own safety, Father de Brébeuf saw his village chapels burned, his converts shunned and tortured, and his fellow priests murdered by the Iroquois, the enemy of the Hurons. Finally, his own death came at their hands after incredible tortures.This swift-paced book, more than a biography of a great saint whose story has never before been completely told in English, is a vital chapter in the tragic history of New France in North America three centuries ago, a story of the failure of colonization partially redeemed by the blood of the m...

Saint Thomas Aquinas, Vol. 2: Spiritual Master

 (Saint Thomas Aquinas, Vol. 2: Spiritual)
Following his highly acclaimed study of the life and works of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Jean-Pierre Torrell, O.P., continues his masterful work on the great Dominican theologian and brings an immense learning to bear on a subject that most readers have not considered very carefully: Thomas's spirituality. Aquinas's intellectual power is evident to anyone who has had even modest exposure to his work. Understanding the spiritual impetus behind that massive achievement, however, requires careful attention to the whole Thomistic corpus and a subtle understanding of several crucial works, particularly Thomas's sermons and commentaries on Scripture. In this long-awaited sequel to Saint Thomas Aquinas: The Person and His Work, Father Torrell brilliantly lays out the theoretical background to Thomas's spirituality. He shows that Aquinas's theology is clearly oriented towards contemplation and is as deeply spiritual as it is doctrinal.Meticulous in his research, Torrell quotes often from Thomas's own texts and presents a clear understanding of Aquinas's views on nature, the person, human society, politics, and our ultimate end in communion with God and one another. This volume makes apparent why the Catholic Church thinks of Aquinas not only as a great Christian intellectual, but also as a sa...

The Teacher's Saint: John Baptist de La Salle - Patron Saint of Teachers

 (The Teacher's Saint: John Baptist de La Salle  -   Patron Saint of)
On May 15, 1950, Saint John Baptist de La Salle was declared the Patron Saint of All Teachers of Youth by the Catholic Church. There is something in his story, in his writings, and in his living spirit that plants itself in the hearts of teachers everywhere. Here is someone worth knowing, especially if you are involved in the ministry of education. Here is a remarkable individual who continues to shape the educational world of today in ways he could not have imagined, inspiring educators from all backgrounds and cultures, shaping how they see students, teachers, and the activity of teaching. His insights, example, and faith-filled perspective naturally resonate with that of educators everywhere, reminding them why they became involved in teaching in the first place. He is indeed a true saint for all teachers. And this little book tells his story.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, Vol. 1. The Person and His Work

 (Saint Thomas Aquinas, Vol. 1. The Person and His)
Highly acclaimed as the most reliable, thorough, and accessible introduction to Thomas Aquinas, this first volume in Jean-Pierre Torrell's set of books on the great Dominican theologian has been revised to include a new appendix. The appendix consists of additions to the text, the catalog of Aquinas's works, and the chronology. Each item in the appendix is called out in the original part of the book with an asterisk in the margin. "This is the introduction to Thomas: presenting all the known facts of his life and work, tracing the themes of his writing out of his juvenilia, and following the influence of his thought in the years immediately after his death."―First Things"The most up-to-date biography available."―Choice

Brother Andre: Friend of the Suffering, Apostle of Saint Joseph

 (Brother Andre: Friend of the Suffering, Apostle of Saint)
Brother Andre Bessette Was Canonized on October 17, 2010More than seventy years after his death, Brother Andre Bessette, C.S.C., remains beloved for his mercy to the sick, for his devotion to St. Joseph, and for his role in the construction of the majestic Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal, which continues to be visited by millions of pilgrims each year.Pope John Paul II lauded Brother Andre Bessette of Montreal as a "man of prayer and friend of the poor." This book tells the extraordinary story of this unassuming man who, showing exceptional courage and indefatigable faith, led a life dedicated to the relief of human suffering, and its timely publication coincides with Brother Andre's recent canonization in Rome.

The Cure D'Ars : St. Jean-Marie-Baptiste Vianney

 (The Cure D'Ars : St. Jean-Marie-Baptiste)
The definitive story of John Vianney based on the official records from the process of his beatification and canonization. Of humble education and assigned to a forgotten farmers' village, he attracted the whole world to Ars and was named the patron saint of parish priests in 1929. He ate one meal a day, slept only a few hours a night, heard confessions up to 17 hours a day, converted thousands. His body remains incorrupt. A grace-filled story of total love of God! 624 pgs, PB

Par le pouvoir de Saint-Jean Baptiste

 (Par le pouvoir de Saint-Jean)

Saint Genet: Actor and Martyr

 (Saint Genet: Actor and Martyr)
Saint Genet is Jean-Paul Sartre’s classic biography of Jean Genet—thief, convict, and great artist—a character of almost legendary proportions whose influence grows stronger with time. Bringing together two of the century’s greatest minds and artists, Saint Genet is at once a compelling psychological portrait, masterpiece of literary criticism, and one of Sartre’s most personal and inspired philosophical creations.

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