Schleich Rabbit

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Schleich Rabbit Hutch

 (Schleich Rabbit Hutch)
The Schleich figures are modeled with attention to detail, hand-painted with care, and provide educationally valuable playtime. Two baby rabbits are moving into their new home! The spacious Hutch has already been prepared for them, so they can eat from the food bowl and drink from the water bottle right away. The little ones can spend all day hopping around in their rabbit run. In the run, they discover a tunnel that's perfect for playing hide and seek.

Schleich North America Rabbit Toy Figure

 (Schleich North America Rabbit Toy)
All Schweich figures are lovingly hand-painted with detailed modelling and allow children to learn as they play. A Rabbit's favorite foods are juicy herbs, fresh Clover, salad, twigs and peeling.

Schleich Playing Baby Rabbits Toy Figure

 (Schleich Playing Baby Rabbits Toy)
The rabbit, a popular pet - particularly at Easter - can be classified in almost fifty breeds. Rabbits are herbivores and these little furry animals need fresh water regularly. Rabbits can survive low temperatures and can therefore be kept indoors or outside. They have a life expectancy of about ten years. Rabbits are sociable, somewhat jumpy animals that often gnaw through fencing and other objects in their cages. They are adaptive, playful and after some practice, react to their name.

Schleich Grooming Rabbit Toy Figure

 (Schleich Grooming Rabbit Toy)
Hand Painted. The design of our products is as realistic and naturalistic as possible. This enables children to experience the large variety of nature - from domestic animals on a farm to wild animals in the jungle. Promotes imaginative play and a great educational toy. Great educational toy.

Schleich Lying Dwarf Lop Toy Figure

 (Schleich Lying Dwarf Lop Toy)
Popular as pets, especially around Easter, rabbits are divided into almost fifty species. The staple food of a rabbit's diet is hay, and these furry friends also need a constant water supply. Able to withstand cold temperatures, rabbits can be indoor or outdoor pets. Living for about a decade, rabbits are social animals that are prone to getting nervous easily and biting wires or objects near its dwelling. Able to be trained, rabbits enjoy games and can recognize their name with practice.

UANDME Forest Animals Figures, Woodland Creatures Figurines, Miniature Toys Cake Toppers

 (UANDME Forest Animals Figures, Woodland Creatures Figurines, Miniature Toys Cake)
The woodland animals toy Figures are EN71 Certified, ASTM Certified and HR4040 Certified, 100% safe for kids. Plastic forest animal figures are well painted, strong and would not disintegrate in water, sturdy for long time use. Deer Family Toy Figures with Forest Animal Babies Set is great gift for animal lovers, children toy. Animal babies set is beautiful for play or display, use for dioramas, take-along car play, cake topper or baby shower party decor, and more.

Schleich Chicken COOP

 (Schleich Chicken COOP)
The Schleich figures are with attention to detail, hand-painted with care, and provide educationally valuable playtime. Right at the crack of dawn, The Cockerel hops up onto the roof of the chicken coop and crows. As the first rays of sunlight appear, The Hen comes out too. She starts to scrape at the ground and Peck for seeds, when cheeping noises can be heard from the coop. The roof is folded open to reveal the wonderful secret hidden inside: chicks have hatched from the eggs!

Schleich Feed Set

 (Schleich Feed Set)
Hay, straw, carrots and many more - this is what makes horses happy. Every horse has its favorite food. That is why it is recommended to have a special treat for each of these noble animals. Hay, straw, carrots and every now and then an apple, nearly every horse loves a treat like that. Happy feeding!

Schleich Pygmy Rabbit

 (Schleich Pygmy Rabbit)
Less than one foot long, pygmy rabbits can be seen wearing earthy tones.Smallest of all North American rabbits, the Pygmy rabbit resembles its relatives in miniature form. Its primary food source and shelter is sagebrush. They use their front incisors to cut their food while the teeth closer to the back grind it. Their front teeth never dull because they grow throughout their whole life. If threatened, they bounce away looking for a place to hide. Depending on speed to escape from predators, these mammals use their hind legs and feet, often bounding in a zig zag pattern or even just leaping straight up into the air. Fun Facts: Pygmy rabbits are as heavy as a soccer ball.Zoological Name: Brachylagus idahoensisConservation Status: DomesticatedGlobal Home: Worldwide

Baby Rabbits Playing Figurine by Schleich - 13748

Schleich Rabbit (Baby Rabbits Playing Figurine by Schleich -)

Schleich Farmland, Rabbit with Hutch Toy Figure

Schleich Rabbit (Schleich Farmland, Rabbit with Hutch Toy)

Schleich Horse Club, Pick-up with Horse Box Toy Figure

Schleich Rabbit (Schleich Horse Club, Pick-up with Horse Box Toy)

Schleich BLACK & WHITE RABBIT Bunny - Retired Animal figure 1996

Schleich Rabbit (Schleich BLACK & WHITE RABBIT Bunny - Retired Animal figure)

Schleich Farm World Rabbit Animal Figure

Schleich Rabbit (Schleich Farm World Rabbit Animal)

Schleich Rabbit Bunny Wild Life Figure Toy Figure 13827

Schleich Rabbit (Schleich Rabbit Bunny Wild Life Figure Toy Figure)
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