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Bankers, Mustangs, and Marsh Tackies

 (Bankers, Mustangs, and Marsh)
Bankers, Mustangs, and Marsh Tackies is a collection of historical fiction stories for young readers along with history notes about the coastal Carolina’s wild horses. Descended from Spanish Mustangs that were brought to the New World in the 1500s, small groups of these horses still roam the dunes and beaches today. They are an important part our American heritage and culture. Sadly, we are in danger of losing them as our beach areas become more developed and populated. People who appreciate their importance are working hard to preserve the Colonial Spanish Mustangs. It is a hard struggle.

Horse Illustrated Magazine October 2008 (Single Back Issue)

 (Horse Illustrated Magazine October 2008 (Single Back)

Spanish Mustangs in the Great American West: Return of the Horse to American

 (Spanish Mustangs in the Great American West: Return of the Horse to)
A stunning photographic legacy of the horse’s reintroduction to North AmericaHorses are an integral part of the American experience. They are so tied with the development of the nation and its psyche, it is impossible to imagine history without them. Yet prior to the arrival of Spanish explorers in the 1500s, horses had been absent from North America for millennia. In this beautifully illustrated volume, celebrated equine photographer John S. Hockensmith reveals how the return of horses with the conquistadors both altered American Indian cultures and later supported the development of the United States.Gracing these pages are stunning full-color photographs of modern horses that carry the distinctive traits of their Spanish, Arab, and Barb forebears. Captured visually in the rugged Rocky Mountains or the rolling grassy plains of the West, these horses are our shared living legacy. From the tender private moments between mare and foal to the aggressive determination of clashing stallions, Hockensmith throws open a breathtaking window on these horses’ lives.Given the ongoing debate about the future of North America’s wild horses, many of which trace their ancestry to Spanish steeds and the early mustangs, this work will stand as a significant marker on the mutual path travele...

The Spanish Mustang (Pilot Books: Horse Breed Roundup)

 (The Spanish Mustang (Pilot Books: Horse Breed)
The Spanish Mustang was first brought to the Americas by the Spanish hundreds of years ago. Now, the breed is almost extinct in Spain but remains popular in the United States. Read all about this versatile horse and its participation in horse competitions, role on ranches, and use in the sport of polo.

Wild Horses of the West: History and Politics of America's Mustangs

 (Wild Horses of the West: History and Politics of America's)
Wild Horses of the West presents the history of wild horses from prehistoric times to the present. Amply-illustrated, it recounts the compelling story of their re-introduction to North America by the Spanish in 1493, their unprecedented impact on Indian culture, their exciting role in settling the West, and the present-day plight of wild horses in the American West.Following is a passage from Wild Horses of the West, “Wild horses, with swiftness, strength and freedom, have always had the power to evoke passion. From Lascaux's cave artists in southwestern France fifteen thousand years ago to modern Americans, the image of wild horses running free on the open plain has inspired the human spirit and captured the soul like few things in nature .... Yet while wild horses may be an inspiration to many, to others (especially those who rely on America's western federal lands for their livelihood) they are a curse on the land.”This embodies the idea behind for the book: the history of the horse, the passion the wild horse invokes in many people, and that there are others who just want them eliminated from the western scene.Here’s what reviewers have said: ● Wild Horses of the West said Professor Steve Fountain is, “a sweeping account of horses in North America; its author is ...

Diego : Wild Spanish Mustang

 (Diego : Wild Spanish Mustang)
The old stallion hated Diego. When he saw the pack of wolves surrounding Diego, he galloped in the other direction. One less rival to worry about.

Out of the Ages - Me and the Star Flower Spanish Mustangs

 (Out of the Ages -  Me and the Star Flower Spanish)
The book, Out of the Ages, leads the reader, through a warmhearted, Mystical experience. Follow the sentimental journey of reciprocal partnership with the Star Flower Spanish Mustangs, from ancient times till into the twenty-first century.The book both entertains and instructs, letting the reader vicariously experience the joy and charm of a tender closeness between horse and rider.A fine view of the Irish Gaels is presented through their interpersonal accomplishments, qualities greatly needed in the twenty-first century.

Spanish Horsemen and Horses in the New World (Horses from History) (Volume 1)

 (Spanish Horsemen and Horses in the New World (Horses from History) (Volume)
Regardless of the profession, art, or craft, we all stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before. Innovation depends on both inspiration and available technology. Cattle have been domesticated for 12,000 years and horses for at least 6,000 years. Step by step, humans have learned more about how to handle, breed, and utilize these animals. For thousands of years, several types of horses had existed in Iberia. When they were domesticated, selective breeding improved their quality. In classical times, the Iberian cavalry was famous both for their skills and exceptional horses. During the long struggle to eject the Moors from their country, the Spanish improved their horses even more and began using them to handle cattle. Their horses were exceptionally tough, agile, brave, and responsive to their riders. What types or breeds of cattle and horses, did the Conquistadors eventually bring to the New World? What did they do to adapt their equipment and techniques to meet the new conditions they found in the lands they conquered? What role did the vaqueros play in the development of western horsemanship? Selective breeding of horses began early on the Caribbean Islands and soon spread to both North and South America. Horses were bred for war, games, herding cattle, endurance, ...

A Marvelous Mustang:: Tales from the Life of a Spanish Horse

 (A Marvelous Mustang:: Tales from the Life of a Spanish)

A Marvelous Mustang: Tales from the Life of a Spanish Horse - eBook

Spanish Mustangs Horses (A Marvelous Mustang: Tales from the Life of a Spanish Horse -)

Cufflinks I Love my Spanish Mustang, Horse - NEONBLOND

Spanish Mustangs Horses (Cufflinks I Love my Spanish Mustang, Horse -)

Cufflinks Beware of the Spanish Mustang, Horse - NEONBLOND

Spanish Mustangs Horses (Cufflinks Beware of the Spanish Mustang, Horse -)

Registered Spanish Mustangs Hats American Animals Horses Baseball Caps T22 A8044

Spanish Mustangs Horses (Registered Spanish Mustangs Hats American Animals Horses Baseball Caps T22)
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