Stanley Classic Food Jar

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Stanley Classic Vacuum Food Jar 17oz Hammertone Navy

 (Stanley Classic Vacuum Food Jar 17oz Hammertone)
Since William Stanley invented the all-steel vacuum bottle in 1913, the Stanley brand has been a part of countless adventures and even more shared memories. From camping trips with dad to adventures with friends, our products are prized possessions passed down from generation to generation. All Stanley Vacuum bottles are built with rustproof and naturally BPA-free 18/8 grade stainless steel that takes a beating, a durable hammertone powder coat, a wide mouth for easy cleaning and ice compatibility, as well as our Built for Life lifetime warranty.

Stanley Adventure Vacuum Food Jar, Stainless Steel, 24 oz

 (Stanley Adventure Vacuum Food Jar, Stainless Steel, 24)
Hot food all day. Chili, chowder or chicken soup keep warm a full 15 hours in this essential outdoor companion. Durable stainless steel construction stands up to rough work, play or travel.

Stanley Adventure Vacuum Bowl, 18 oz, Stainless Steel

 (Stanley Adventure Vacuum Bowl, 18 oz, Stainless)
Our adventure vacuum bowl is no regular bowl. It prevents your fingerprints from burning off when holding a bowl of piping hot soup. It keeps your ice cream from immediately turning into milk. If that isn't enough of a win, hot stuff stays hot for up to 2.5 hours and cold stuff cold for up to 4 hours and it's dishwasher safe. This bowl also comes with a lid to help lock heat in, keep bugs out, and lets you pack dry goods. It's your new super bowl.

Stanley Master Vacuum Food Jar, Foundry Black, 24 oz

 (Stanley Master Vacuum Food Jar, Foundry Black, 24)
It turns out that darling little cress and cucumber crust-less sandwiches just weren't enough grub to satisfy after long hot day of sweating on the job or on the trail so, we made you the biggest and burliest Master Food Jar to feed your inner barbarian. With this big beast of a food jar it'll make you the envy of the lunch break all while keeping your sustenance hot or cold for hours so it's ready whenever hunger calls.

Stanley Classic Lunch Box, Hammer Tone Navy, 10-Quart

 (Stanley Classic Lunch Box, Hammer Tone Navy,)
Stanley classic 10 quart hammertoe navy lunch box is a durable food storage solution to pack a hearty lunch. 0.6Mm SPCD steel is designed for durability. Domed top and metal bracket keep Stanley vacuum bottle or mug nested in lid. Sturdy latches and hinges add durability. Designed for the outdoors this lunch box is built tough to weather the toughest days outside. They are also fully packable - all items fit with other Stanley gear and are designed to optimize packing.

Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Food Jar, Charcoal/Teal

 (Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Food Jar,)
Long considered a trusted partner by parents for providing a way to bring healthy food and drink options for kids on the go, Genuine Thermos Brand has brought its superior insulation technology to FOOGO, a line of children's products for ages six months and older. Freshness and safety go hand in hand. If contents are not kept at the right temperature, potentially dangerous bacteria may grow rapidly and cause food and beverages to spoil. All FOOGO stainless steel products feature THERMOS vacuum insulation technology which has been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria in a laboratory test sponsored by Thermos and performed by Cornell University. For additional peace of mind FOOGO products use BPA-free materials. Thermos brand food jars are beloved by families for their ability to keep food warm or cold on the go. Now there is a food jar for the smallest members of the household. The FOOGO food jar has a 10-ounce capacity and features THERMOS vacuum insulation technology which will keep warm items warm for up to 5 hours or cold items cold for up to 7 hours. Thanks to the durable double wall stainless steel construction and vacuum insulation, this food jar stays cool to the touch with warm foods and sweat-proof with cold foods. The FOOGO food jar features an ergonomically-designed...

Stanley Water Bottles

 (Stanley Water Bottles)
Leak proof and fully packable. Holds an entire pot of coffee. Vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot or cold 32 hours or iced 160 hours.

Stanley Legendary Classic Vacuum Insulated Food Jar 1.0qt

 (Stanley Legendary Classic Vacuum Insulated Food Jar)
Question: how far is your camp? Answer: it doesn't matter. Toss this legendary food jar in your truck, pack or tackle box to keep 24 oz. of your favorite whatever at the right temp, all day and into the night. Plus, this guy will never rust, never leak and you can toss it in the dishwasher (or river) between shifts. Don't forget the spark.

Academy Sports Stanley Classic 24 oz. Vacuum Food Jar

 (Academy Sports Stanley Classic 24 oz. Vacuum Food)
Designed with a wide-mouth opening to easily accommodate stews and other hearty foods, the Stanley Classic 24 oz. Vacuum Food Jar makes an ideal traveling companion for meals on the go. The 12 oz. lid doubles as a bowl, and double-wall insulation ensures that contents are kept at an optimal temperature for up to 15 hours. Stainless-steel construction and a heavy-duty handle provide durability and portability.

Stanley Classic 24oz Vacuum Food Jar

Stanley Classic Food Jar (Stanley Classic 24oz Vacuum Food)

Thermos 24-Ounce Food Jar, Hammertone

Stanley Classic Food Jar (Thermos 24-Ounce Food Jar,)

Stanley Adventure 18oz Vacuum Food Jar

Stanley Classic Food Jar (Stanley Adventure 18oz Vacuum Food)
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