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Stelton AJ Cylinda Line Cocktail Shaker - 0,75 Liter

 (Stelton AJ Cylinda Line Cocktail Shaker - 0,75)
Lovers of design classics are in for another treat. Ever since the 1960s, bar accessories from Arne Jacobsen's Cylinda-Line havedefined the good life when it comes to serving everything from the perfect martini (shaken or stirred) to classic scotch and so

Stelton Arne Jacobsen Revolving Ashtray, 3 in

 (Stelton Arne Jacobsen Revolving Ashtray, 3)
Old love never dies. And neither does Arne Jacobsen's timeless Cylinda-line. Designed in 1967, his Cylinda-line in stainless steel is the essence of functional design. The design is not only comprised of beautiful lines, but it is truly world-class.

Cylinda-Line AJ Martini Mixer by Stelton

 (Cylinda-Line AJ Martini Mixer by)
A martini mixer that everyone will love (except, perhaps, James Bond). The Stelton Cylinda-Line AJ Martini Mixer is designed for the clean and sophisticated stirring of martinis and other similar cocktails. It is a sleek cylinder made out of satin finished stainless steel, with a long spoon to match. Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1972. Stelton, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, designs and manufactures superb Scandinavian tableware and personal accessories that enhance the modern daily living experience.

Stelton Cylinda-Line Aj Sugar Bowl

 (Stelton Cylinda-Line Aj Sugar)
Design by Arne Jacobsen, 1967.By Stelton. The matte stainless lid of the Cylinda-Line Sugar Bowl contrasts a satin stainless bowl. Contains an angular cut-out for your sugar spoon.

Stelton Cylinda Line Ashtray Large 4"

 (Stelton Cylinda Line Ashtray Large)
Stelton Cylinda Line Ashtray Large 4"

Stelton Cylinda Line Salt and Pepper Set by Stelton

 (Stelton Cylinda Line Salt and Pepper Set by)
Materials: 18/8 Stainless steel, satinpolished;Approximate size: 2.5

Stelton Cylinda Line Stainless Steel Coffee Pot, 50.7 Ounce By Arne Jacobsen

 (Stelton Cylinda Line Stainless Steel Coffee Pot,  50.7 Ounce By Arne)
this coffee pot designed by arne jacobsen for stelton and part of the cylinda line series is a winner of the 1967 ID prize. it is constructed out of 18/8 stainless steel with a matte finish.9.8"h x 3.39"w and 50.7 oz capacity

Stelton Cylinda Line Salt and Pepper Set

 (Stelton Cylinda Line Salt and Pepper)
The salt and pepper casters-set belongs to the Cylinda-Line of the Stelton Company and has been designed by Arne Jacobsen. Like all products out of the Cylinda-Line also the salt and pepper casters are made out of stainless steel. The functional and simple design is worldwide known since the 1960s without getting time traces upon it.

STELTON Vacuum Jug in Saffron Yellow

 (STELTON Vacuum Jug in Saffron)
The classic Stelton vacuum jug by Erik Magnussen with the unique rocker stopper was introduced in 1977 to match Arne Jacobsen's Cylinda-Line. The design was awarded the ID-prize by the Danish Society of Industrial Design in 1977. Erik Magnussen's Stelton vacuum jug in plastics featuring the unique rocker stopper is a true classic, which keep coffee hot for hours.

Stelton EM77 Vacuum Jug, 33.8 oz, white

Stelton Cylinda Line (Stelton EM77 Vacuum Jug, 33.8 oz,)

Stelton Vacuum Jug, 33.8 Oz , 1 l – Steel

Stelton Cylinda Line (Stelton Vacuum Jug, 33.8 Oz , 1 l –)

Seaguar InvizX Freshwater Fluorocarbon Line .008" Diameter, 6 lb Tested, 1000 Yards, Clear

Stelton Cylinda Line (Seaguar InvizX Freshwater Fluorocarbon Line .008
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