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S60 Programming: A Tutorial Guide (Symbian Press)

 (S60 Programming: A Tutorial Guide (Symbian)
Based on the authors' experiences in developing and teaching Symbian OS, this practical guide is perfect for programmers and provides a series of example-based scenarios that show how to develop Symbian applications. Exercises walk the reader through the initial development of a console-based card game engine to a graphical user interface(GUI)-based, two player blackjack game operating over a Bluetooth connection between two mobile phones Addresses how Symbian offers a number of different variants to allow for different user interfaces and screen savers - the most prevalent of these is S60 Discusses how the move toward 3G technology has resulted in an increasing need for mobile application development for S60 devices.

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tv remote

 (tv remote)

Route 66 Mobile 7 - USA/CDN For Symbian Ser 60

 (Route 66 Mobile 7 - USA/CDN For Symbian Ser)

Qt for Symbian

 (Qt for Symbian)
Build mobile applications for Nokia’s S60 phones using the hot Qt GUI tool This vital primer—written by developers involved in the latest release of Qt—is a must for anyone wanting to learn this cutting-edge programming environment. Qt is a multi-platform, C++ GUI toolkit that allows you to develop applications and user interfaces once, then deploy them across many desktop and embedded operating systems, without rewriting the source code. Now being applied to the S60 platform (Nokia's new, uniform UI), Qt promises to save development resources, cut costs, and get you to market faster. This unique guide helps you master this exciting tool with step-by-step instruction from some of the best developers in the S60 field.  Find easy-to-access tips, techniques, examples, and much more. Walks you through installation of the Qt developer platform and SDK Explains the basic Qt environment and how it can save you development time Delves into the extension of Qt for the S60, including communication and sensors Provides plenty of examples to help you quickly grasp concepts Help revolutionize the S60 mobile market and stay ahead of the crowd with your own state-of-the-art applications, developed with Qt and the detailed information in this unique guide.

NiniGolf for Nokia S60 (3650/7650/N-Gage etc.) - Symbian

 (NiniGolf for Nokia S60 (3650/7650/N-Gage etc.) -)
The gaming idea is to put a golf ball in a hole. Edit your own levels on and download to phone. Share your levels with other players. Worldwide online ranking.

Unlocked Nokia 6730 Classic 3G GPS Quadband Phone (Black)- international phone

 (Unlocked Nokia 6730 Classic 3G GPS Quadband Phone (Black)- international)
The most notable features of the Nokia 6730 classic are its Symbian S60 3rd edition UI and the built-in GPS with A-GPS support. There is also a 3.2 megapixel autofocus snapper onboard as well as FM radio, Bluetooth and USB. Consumers wanting a feature packed mobile only have to look as far as the new Nokia 6730 classic, unlocked mobile phone which begins shipping in June and will be available exclusively across Vodafone's global footprint. Mobile internet, Vodafone Music Client and personal and business email access along with mobile navigation capabilities are all included in the Nokia 6730 classic. The device utilises S60 software which means customers can easily download their choice of additional applications from the web. Peter Becker-Pennrich, Director of Terminals Marketing at Vodafone says "The Nokia 6730 sim free GSM phone is a great all-round handset - just as perfect for mobile internet users as for music fans who want to take their tracks with them. This product follows a successful line-up of Vodafone exclusive devices from Nokia and is another great example of our collaboration." With the Nokia 6730 classic unlocked cellphone, getting lost and being out of touch with your friends could be a thing of the past thanks to the mobile navigation capabilities on the h...

Multimedia on Symbian OS: Inside the Convergence Device (Symbian Press)

 (Multimedia on Symbian OS: Inside the Convergence Device (Symbian)

Symbian S60 (3rd Edition) mobile application development and practical course

 (Symbian S60 (3rd Edition) mobile application development and practical)

CAT S60 Waterproof 32GB GSM unlocked Smartphone EU RoW phone Dual SIM android

Symbian S60 (CAT S60 Waterproof 32GB GSM unlocked Smartphone EU RoW phone Dual SIM)

Volvo S60 706 Ocean Blue II Met 2oz Touch Up Paint for Car Auto Truck

Symbian S60 (Volvo S60 706 Ocean Blue II Met 2oz Touch Up Paint for Car Auto)

Volvo S60 717 Onyx Black Met 1oz Combo Touch Up Paint for Car Auto Truck

Symbian S60 (Volvo S60 717 Onyx Black Met 1oz Combo Touch Up Paint for Car Auto)
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