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Tarp Repair Kit: 2'x2' 18oz Vinyl Patch and HH-66 Vinyl Cement (Black)

 (Tarp Repair Kit: 2'x2' 18oz Vinyl Patch and HH-66 Vinyl Cement)

General Tools 71264 Grommet Kit with 12 Solid Brass Grommets, 1/2-Inch

 (General Tools 71264 Grommet Kit with 12 Solid Brass Grommets,)
General Tools 71264 Grommet Kit with 12 Rustproof Solid Brass utility grommet kits are used to reinforce holes and prevent tearing with canvas, vinyl, leather and fabric. The solid brass grommets will never rust and will look great for years. This easy-to-use grommet kit set includes a hole cutter, a matched mandrel/anvil pair, a hardwood backer block and 12 grommets. The grommet setting tool features a knurled body for greater comfort and safety. Setting tool and anvil are coded with lines for each individual size grommet. Use this kit to repair canvas, tarps, tents, awnings, canopies, luggage, upholstery, curtains and pool or boat covers. 1/2-Inch grommet refills available with General Tools Solid Brass Grommet Refill, Model# 1261-4. GENERAL TOOLS - THE PRECISE TOOL FOR DOING THE JOB EXACTLY RIGHT. Offering over 1,000 tools, we’re proud to provide tradesmen, craftsmen and DIYers around the world with a broad range of affordable, specific-purpose mechanical hand tools and precision measuring and inspection tools. For inquiries, please contact our Customer Service Department at 212-431-6100. We strive to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction. WORK SMARTER, MEASURE BETTER & BE MORE PRODUCTIVE WITH GENERAL

Tear-Aid Fabric Repair Kit, 3 in x 5 ft Roll, Type A

 (Tear-Aid Fabric Repair Kit, 3 in x 5 ft Roll, Type)
TEAR-AID Repair Patches provide a simple and easy method of patching holes and tears, as well as an excellent protective film solution. Each TEAR-AID Repair Patch is made from an exceptionally tough, matte finish, abrasion resistant, elastomer that resists puncture and tearing. It is combined with an aggressive adhesive formulated for high bond strength. Tear-Aid expands absorbing force on impact and always returns to original shape and size. This flexibility allows the patch to conform to irregular surfaces without restricting the movement of the repaired material. The TEAR-AID Type A Fabric repair patch works on - Canvas, Rubber, Neoprene, Nylon, Most fabrics, Plastics, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Non-oiled Leather, Umbrellas, Gore-Tex, Acrylics, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Polyester, Hypalon and Dacron. Each box of TEAR-AID patch contains - (1) 3 in x 5 Ft Roll of TEAR-AID Patch that cuts easily with scissors to any size, (2) Alcohol Prep Pads, (1) Set of Illustrated Instructions, Box Dimensions: 3.75 " x 3.75" x 3.75"

FiberFix 10x Tape- 10x Stonger Than Duct Tape- Weight Bearing Untearable Water Resistant Repair Tape

 (FiberFix 10x Tape- 10x Stonger Than Duct Tape- Weight Bearing Untearable Water Resistant Repair)
FiberFix 10X Tape is the solution to all your breaks, tears, and cracks. Use your pocket knife for to cut this heavy duty tape that WON’T TEAR, WON’T BREAK, AND WON’T GIVE. Repair in just one roll, the FiberFix 10X Tape can be stored just about anywhere; your glove box, garage, tool box, purse, or trunk. A compact all-in-one repair kit within arm’s reach! This residue-free adhesive tape makes for quick repairs and easy fixes. Why pay a professional to fix something when you can do it yourself and have a durable and dependable repair? If you like to break things and want to unbreak them, FiberFix 10X Tape is just the thing to fix all of your garden tools, farm equipment, and even your roll cage. There is no better way to prepare yourself than the FiberFix 10X Tape. Comes with 2 inches x 20 yards of industrial strong tape and a durable pocket sized box knife. Keep knife out of reach of children.

Mytee Products Vinyl Tarp Repair Kit: 18oz Black Tarp Patch and Vinyl Cement

 (Mytee Products Vinyl Tarp Repair Kit: 18oz Black Tarp Patch and Vinyl)
Even the best tarp products require to be patched from time to time. Use our Vinyl Repair Kit to make minor repairs and increase the life of your tarp. Our repair kit includes 1 Yard of 18 Oz Vinyl (Black) and 1 Quart of HH-66 Vinyl Cement which is is ideal for tarp repairs. Vinyl Patch size is 18" x 60" HH-66 is a superior quality, fast drying (2-5 minutes), waterproof, solvent-synthetic resin adhesive. It is used extensively for bonding vinyl coated and vinyl laminated fabrics like Shelter-Rite and Weblon to themselves or to various materials. Also used to bond urethanes, vinyl foams and films, leather, and metals. Outstanding for sealing or waterproofing stitched seams. HH-66 dries hard and very strong, yet remains flexible. It is not affected by weather and temperature extremes, and is highly resistant to oil, fuel, grease, and many chemicals. Application is by brush, roller, or squeeze bottle. Dried films may be reactivated to a tacky state by high heat or solvent. HH-66 can be stored one year or longer, under normal conditions. HH-66 is used widely in the manufacture and repair of vinyl tarpaulins, truck and pool covers, tents, awnings, liners, domes, inflatables, flexible signs, mats, tension structures, furniture, and sporting goods. Other vinyl applications have been...

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape for Fabric and Vinyl, 3” x 20”

 (Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape for Fabric and Vinyl, 3” x)
Tenacious Tape Repair Tape for technical fabrics and vinyl gear is a weatherproof tape that won’t peel over time. It sticks to almost anything including jackets, camping gear, tarps and awnings. Instantly make a tent repair patch using Tenacious Tape in black nylon or clear tape. Tenacious Tape also comes in tough ripstop material. This heavy-duty repair tape is barely noticeable and stays put no matter what Mother Nature dishes out and is machine washable. Whatever needs a quick fix Tenacious Tape will handle it – allowing you to stay outside longer.

HH-66 PVC Vinyl Cement with Brush 32 Ounce

 (HH-66 PVC Vinyl Cement with Brush 32)
Super-Strong, Waterproof, Flexible Bonds for Vinyl Coated and Vinyl Laminated Fabrics. Highly Resistant to Temperature and Weather Extremes. Excellent for Patching and Sealing. The best PVC cement for inflatable industry. The best Quality and Performance "GUARANTEE". " MADE IN USA". We had tested so many vinyl cement brands from overseas and the quality just can not match the HH-66. The HH-66 vinyl cement drys very fast. It will bond to any vinyl and hold up very tight. We highly recommend customers use HH-66 vinyl cement to repair your inflatables. THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA NOTE: Not for use on fabrics, headliners, carpet, etc... SOLD IN 32oz CANS Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of flammable products by air. They CANNOT be shipped by Next Day, 2nd Day, 3 Day or US MAIL services. These items can ONLY shipped by UPS Ground. These items can only be shipped within the USA. These items cannot be shipped Internationally.

Tarp Repair Kit: 2'x2' Red Tarp Patch and Vinyl Cement

 (Tarp Repair Kit: 2'x2' Red Tarp Patch and Vinyl)
Easy-to-use kit includes everything you need to repair small rips and tears and prevent futher damage. The 18-oz. PVC-coated polyester patch and vinyl cement works on both steel tarps and lumber tarps. Patch color: red. Also available in blue and black.Includes: 8-oz. can HH-66 vinyl cement; one red 2'x2' PVC-coated polyester patch

MEZOOM Grommet Kit 200 Set 1/4 Inch Inside Diameter Grommet Setting Tool Metal Eyelets with Storage Box for Shoe Clothes Leather Crafts,DIY Projects

 (MEZOOM Grommet Kit 200 Set 1/4 Inch Inside Diameter Grommet Setting Tool Metal Eyelets with Storage Box for Shoe Clothes Leather Crafts,DIY)
Specification: Material : The grommet is made of metal,sturdy and durabl. Color :3 colors of grommets(gold,silver,bronze) and approx. 67 sets in each color. Including : 200 set of grommet eyelets(each set include 1 pcs eyelets and 1 pcs gaslets),3 pcs grommet tools and a storage box. Size : Approx. 6 mm(0.25 inch) in inside diameter,10 mm(0.39 inch) in outside diameter,3 mm(0.12 inch) in grommets height. Product features: The grommet kit allows for an economic way to repair by yourself and saving your cost. Easy to use,great for canvas,tarps,tents,awnings,shoes,clothes,lesther and crafts projects ect. The plastic storage box with removable baffle is good for storing small grommets,which is convenient to find the corresponding components. The snap fastener setting tool features a knurled body for greater comfort and safety. Note: Please keep them away from children to avoid choking. How To Use Step 1.Please prepare the tools that you need(grommet,gasket,hammer,base,hole punch,install tool,leather). Step 2.Knock hole punch with a hammer and punch the hole. Step 3.Punching is finished. Step 4.Make the grommet and through the hole of the leather and let it on base. Step 5.Make the gasket match the grommet. Step 6.Place the install tool on the gasket and beat it with a hammer. Step...

Tear-Aid Fabric Repair Patch Kit, Gold, Type A

Tarp Repair Kit (Tear-Aid Fabric Repair Patch Kit, Gold, Type)

Tear-Aid Vinyl Seat Repair Kit, Blue, Type B

Tarp Repair Kit (Tear-Aid Vinyl Seat Repair Kit, Blue, Type)

Coghlan's 860BP Rubber Repair Kit

Tarp Repair Kit (Coghlan's 860BP Rubber Repair)
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