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Cold Steel Super Edge

 (Cold Steel Super Edge)
This rugged little workhorse can cut through tough materials that would make a bigger knife choke! It's diminutive size and light Secure-Ex sheath make it a natural for attachment to a key ring, zipper pull, “D” ring or a belt loop. A perfect “EDC” choice.

Cold Steel Peace Maker II

 (Cold Steel Peace Maker II)
If you're in the Military or Law Enforcement; if you ride horses or motorcycles; live on a ranch or a farm - or if the encroaching threats of the urban jungle are simply getting too near for comfort - then the Peace Makers are for you! Unlike many fixed blade knives the Peace Makers can be carried very discreetly. Clipped to the top of your boot and covered by your pant leg they're rendered virtually invisible. Boot carry is incredibly comfortable (as the boot top carries the weight and suspends the knife so it doesn't rub, gouge, or irritate your body), furthermore, your knife is always easily accessible when you need it. Astoundingly light and thin - the largest model, with it's 5 1/2" blade weighs a paltry 4.7 oz. & measures less than 1/2" at its thickest point! That's substantially thinner then many of the alleged "extreme duty" tactical knives available today! The Peace Maker's "Scandi" ground blade bevel makes them very easy to resharpen, while the unique compound ground clip point -provides a very stiff, distal tapered point capable of piercing thick targets without compromising precious cutting power. The Peace Makers offer a versatile spectrum of uses - utility, hunting, fishing and self-defense - so it's fitting that they also have a versatile grip. They feature a thin(...

Cold Steel Counter TAC One Counter TAC I

 (Cold Steel Counter TAC One Counter TAC)
Our counter Tac boot knives were designed with one simple philosophy in mind. Functionality. Quite simply - they work, and they excel at what they do! their sharp, AUS 8A full-tang blades are vacuum heat treated, and sub-zero quenched for strength and durability. The ergonomic design of the Kray-Ex handle is comfortable and adaptable to any grip, and the deeply textured surface and double guard will insure that the knife is not likely to slip from your hand under any circumstances. Finally, each counter Tac is shipped with a state of the art Secure-Ex sheath, complete with a removable boot/belt clip and lashing slots so you can carry it just about anywhere.

Cold Steel 39FNSZ Double Agent, II, Serrated Edge Blade

 (Cold Steel 39FNSZ Double Agent, II, Serrated Edge)
Cold Steel double agent neck knives possess a significant set of advantages Worth noting. Designed by Zach Whitson, with either a Karambit or clip point blade style, they're thin, flat, and super light (a little over 3 ounces including sheath). this makes them easy to conceal and very comfortable to wear. Their most audacious and notable feature, however, is their double ring handle design. Slip an index finger through the front ring Nearest the blade and your pinky finger through the rear ring and close your fist to obtain a forward grip and vice versa for a reverse grip. It doesn't matter how hard you cut, chop, hack, hammer or thrust with the double agent. Its twin rings will always prevent your hand from sliding forward on the razor sharp edge and will likewise resist the effects of centrifugal force or the efforts of an adversary to wrest the double agent from your grasp. Specifications: - overall length: 7 7/8" - blade length: 3" - handle length: 4 7/8" with Grivory grip - weight: 2.40 oz - steel: Japanese AUS 8A stainless - sheath: Secure-Ex neck sheath

Credit Card Tool Set Card Knife - Best Army Tactical Multitool Pocket Knife Set By Cable And Case - Survival Wallet With Blade - Multi-tool Gift For Dad, Mom, Husband, Wife, Brother Or Sister

 (Credit Card Tool Set Card Knife - Best Army Tactical Multitool Pocket Knife Set By Cable And Case - Survival Wallet With Blade - Multi-tool Gift For Dad, Mom, Husband,)
Stocking Stuffer For Men & The Perfect Woman's Gifts - Our Credit Card Tool Is The Best! The Men or women in your life will love it! This Survival Knife MultiTool Wallet Tool & Specialty Credit Card Knife By Cable And Case Is A Credit Card Sized 10-in-1 Tool Is Extremely Compact And Useful. 10 Tools In All, Including 1. Serrated Knife 2. Bottle Opener 3. Small Slotted Screwdriver 4. Big Slotted Screw driver 5. Compass 6. Magnifier 7. Tweezers 8. Toothpick 9. Ruler 10. Nut or bolt wrench

Cold Steel 20AZ Bird & Game 7.25" Fixed Blade Knife

 (Cold Steel 20AZ Bird & Game 7.25
Weighing in at a meager 1.4 oz., the bird & game is an inexpensive, super lightweight hunting tool that can be stowed in a bag or pack, or even hung from a chain around your neck.

Cold Steel Secret Edge

 (Cold Steel Secret Edge)
Inspired by the Scottish Skean Dhu, but with modern materials, performance and appearance, the Secret Edge has a flat ground Japanese AUS 8A Steel blade that’s wide at the base for cutting power and narrow at the tip to assure effortless penetration.

Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow Knife with Secure-Ex Sheath

 (Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow Knife with Secure-Ex)

Cold Steel FGX Boot Blade II 92FBB

 (Cold Steel FGX Boot Blade II)
ATTRIBUTES Blade Detail: Blunt Blade Length (inches): 3.25 Blade Material: Grivory Handle Material: Kraton Overall Length (inches): 6.75

Patrol Pals (Board Book)

Urban Pal (Patrol Pals (Board Book))

Happy Birthday, Puppy Pals!

Urban Pal (Happy Birthday, Puppy Pals!)

Urban Nightmare [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.0 Import - Australia ]

Urban Pal (Urban Nightmare [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.0 Import - Australia)

Cold Steel Urban Pal #43LS Comes with a Sheath

Urban Pal (Cold Steel Urban Pal #43LS Comes with a Sheath)

Cold Steel Defender II , Urban Skinner, Terminator, Pal, safe keeper

Urban Pal (Cold Steel Defender II , Urban Skinner, Terminator, Pal, safe)

Sega Mega Drive Pal Game URBAN STRIKE with Box & Manual

Urban Pal (Sega Mega Drive Pal Game URBAN STRIKE with Box &)
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