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Spider Web Vinyl Decal Sticker (4" X 4", Black)

 (Spider Web Vinyl Decal Sticker (4
Please note... If you are not purchasing this decal direct from ShadowMajik Decals you are not getting an authentic ShadowMajik Vinyl Decal. If you buy from a different seller you will be receiving a lesser quality copy cat decal. Make sure you are purchasing from ShadowMajik Decals to get the decal as described and pictured. This decal is precision die cut (there is no background) from premium grade, 5-7 year outdoor vinyl with self adhesive backing and is ready to dress up your car window, car, truck, motorcycle, boat, snowboard, skateboard, surfboard, notebook, computer case, mirror or any clean smooth surface you might want to decorate. Let your imagination have fun! Full instructions for applying your new decal are included. It is fast, simple and requires no special tools. By default all decals are cut for and should be placed on the outside. Note that some of the vinyls are not the same on the adhesive side as they are on the pretty front side, therefore will not look the same if applied inside facing out. ShadowMajik does not recommend inside facing out application, especially on vehicle windows and will not be responsible for any damage or problems caused by inside facing out applications.

No Love Deep Web [LP][Explicit]

 (No Love Deep Web)
Vinyl edition of Death Grips second studio album "No Love Deep Web," limited to 1000 copies

Thermoweb #3912 Heat'n Bond Iron-On Vinyl -17"X5 Yards Gloss

 (Thermoweb #3912 Heat'n Bond Iron-On Vinyl -17
THERM O WEB-Iron On Vinyl; Gloss Finish. 17Wx5 Yards. Iron On Vinyl is a clear laminating product that protects fabric and other smooth surfaces that will be stretched or pulled. The Gloss gives a shiny brilliant look and contains an advanced adhesive formula for quick and easy laminating resulting in a smooth and flexible finish and provides a durable scuff-and-water resistant UV-rated finish Washable. This product can be machine sewn and cleaned with a damp cloth. Used for Crafts or Home Decor such as: Totebags memorabilia Protectors Portfolios Table Covers Outdoor Furniture Placemats and Much More!

Heat'nBond Iron On Flexible Vinyl, Glossy, 17"x20yds

 (Heat'nBond Iron On Flexible Vinyl, Glossy,)
Contains an advanced adhesive formulation for quick and easy laminating!

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape for Fabric and Vinyl, 3" x 20"

 (Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape for Fabric and Vinyl, 3
Tenacious Tape Repair Tape for technical fabrics and vinyl gear is a weatherproof tape that won’t peel over time. It sticks to almost anything including jackets, camping gear, tarps and awnings. Instantly make a tent repair patch using Tenacious Tape in black nylon or clear tape. Tenacious Tape also comes in tough ripstop material. This heavy-duty repair tape is barely noticeable and stays put no matter what Mother Nature dishes out and is machine washable. Whatever needs a quick fix Tenacious Tape will handle it – allowing you to stay outside longer.

Fence: Black Vinyl Coated Galvanized Wire Animal Control - 2 ft x 150 ft

 (Fence: Black Vinyl Coated Galvanized Wire Animal Control - 2 ft x 150)
Use our steel hex web rodent fence to place on the bottom of any poly deer fencing system. Simply attach with hog rings and leave a 2 inch flap at the bottom and you can adapt your deer fencing system to control any small chewing animal. This can also be used to make a dog or cat fencing system stronger. The special 1 inch hex design allows for beter invisibility and improved strength.

Spider Web Vinyl Sticker - White - Car Bumper Window Sticker 6" x 6"

 (Spider Web Vinyl Sticker - White - Car Bumper Window Sticker 6
Use this vinyl decal anywhere - indoor or out. Apply to car window or body, glass, metal, wood, any flat surface. Easy to apply, application instructions included. Select size and color.

Halloween Nail Vinyl Stencils 4 pack (Spider Web, Crosses, Candy Corn, Bats) for Nail Art Design

 (Halloween Nail Vinyl Stencils 4 pack (Spider Web, Crosses, Candy Corn, Bats) for Nail Art)
How to Use Apply nail polish on your nails and wait until completely dry. We recommend using fast dry top coat over nail polish or bare nails to create a flat surface which helps the product stick better. Make sure nail is dry and free of oily residues before applying product. Lightly push tape/stencils to the nail using a finger, especially paying attention to the areas near skin, cuticles, and the tips of long nails. You can always cut nail tape to size if they are too long and cut stencils to help them form better to the tip, sides and curvature of the nail. Try peeling stencils from different directions if you have trouble with smaller pieces not remaining on the backing paper. Find your direction and peel fast, holding stencil close the backing sheet. When small pieces remain within a stencil, flip and stick/peel the stencil to the back of the paper to remove all stuck pieces. Apply fresh or thinned, not thick or gloopy, nail polish across the tape/stencil. Shimmer and metallic nail polishes work better than cremes. We recommend applying nail polish with a sponge lightly pushing it to your nail, similar to ombre design, this prevents any polish bleeding under the stencil giving cleaner lines. Remove extra nail polish from your skin and cuticles by using a flat brush dip...

Charlotte's Web

 (Charlotte's Web)

Therm O Web Heat'n Bond Iron-On Vinyl, 17" x 5 yds, Gloss Finish

Vinyl Web (Therm O Web Heat'n Bond Iron-On Vinyl, 17

The Amazing Spider-Man Vinyl Web Slinging Zippered Pencil Pouch

Vinyl Web (The Amazing Spider-Man Vinyl Web Slinging Zippered Pencil)

Charlotte's Web / O.S.T. (Vinyl)

Vinyl Web (Charlotte's Web / O.S.T.)
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