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Driveline Leather Weighted Baseballs: Set of 6

 (Driveline Leather Weighted Baseballs: Set of)
Game-Ready Leather Weighted Baseballs Throwing a weighted baseball is a great way to integrate overload and underload throwing throughout your pitching training. Whether its in catch play, command work, or pulldowns, a leather weighted baseball set that more closely mimics the feel of a competition ball elevates your training. The 6 different weights allow the athlete to consistently progress their training by throwing light and heavy baseballs. How Do the Leather Weighted Balls Feel? The seam height is comparable to a college ball or a nice high school ball with a slight raise. The leather is genuine and compares favorably to new game balls. Athletes who train with weighted baseballs can improve their arm fitness and velocity at the same time. Sustainable velocity increases come from a more efficient set of mechanics and improving force production. Comes with a Free Get-Started Throwing Program Our free starter program is great for athletes 14+ who have not trained with overload balls before. It is a complete on-ramp program with warm-up, catch play, training, and recovery drills listed. This weighted ball program is a complete beginners pitcher arm care program. The set includes the following white leather weighted baseballs: Lettering and seams are unique by ball for easy iden...

OEM Mitsubishi Weighted Leather Shift Knob MR263906

 (OEM Mitsubishi Weighted Leather Shift Knob)

Jump Rope - Premium Jump Rope Golden Stallion for Genuine Jump Rope Workout Experience - Gain More Energy and Get Better Body Shape with Weighted Jump Rope - Wooden Handles - Adjustable Leather Jump Rope Ball Bearings - Ideal As a Crossfit Jump Rope - Maximalize Your Jump Rope Workout Now!

 (Jump Rope - Premium Jump Rope Golden Stallion for Genuine Jump Rope Workout Experience - Gain More Energy and Get Better Body Shape with Weighted Jump Rope - Wooden Handles)
Leather Jump Rope for Genuine Jump Rope Workout Experience Maximize Your Jump Rope Workout Now! Are you sick of poor quality of most plastic jump ropes that break from intense training after only few weeks? You wasted money for jump rope that is too long and length can't be adjusted? Jump Rope Golden Stallion only consists of natural components such as wooden handles or genuine leather. This ensures long life of the jump rope. Length of the rope (9 feet) can be easily adjusted by supplied allen key to achieve perfect jump rope workout results. Golden Stallion brand was founded 2013 in Austria as a family company. Natural materials and hand-processing makes every Golden Stallion weighted jump rope a stylish original. Training with weighted jump rope improves your health & fitness Crossfit jump rope will help you to achieve your dream figure Leather jump rope generates excellent momentum and makes very smooth and uniform rotation thanks to high-quality ball bearings By adding weights into wooden handles you can make your jump rope workout harder and more effective Skipping Rope Golden Stallion is long-lasting due to its natural materials such as wood and genuine leather Jump Rope Golden Stallion soon became a demanded leather jump rope on German Amazon. Over 4.800 sat...

BMW (2001+) Shift Knob 6-speed ///M sport logo GENUINE Leather weighted

 (BMW (2001+) Shift Knob 6-speed ///M sport logo GENUINE Leather)
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KINGBERWI Leather Car Trash Can Hanging Luxury Car Garbage Bag Auto Trash Container, Black

 (KINGBERWI Leather Car Trash Can Hanging Luxury Car Garbage Bag Auto Trash Container,)
Benefits Of Buying The KINGBERWI Car Trash Can... ▲Customized design fits on the seat of Most Vehicles. Size:9.1'H x 6.3'W x 7'D ▲Rectangular design which prevents collapsing. ▲Black Stylish design and high-quality Luxury PU leather that will suit any car interior. ▲KINGBERWI Auto Trash Can that does not have to be emptied often on long trips, it has a large 3.65 gallon capacity. ▲Not only suitable for vehicles, but also can be used at home, office. Multipurpose tool waiting for you to explore. ▲Equipped with adjustable strap Enjoy multiple mounting options, so you can be sure your trash can won't get in the way. √You can hang it over your gear shift stick or open your console close the buckles and close the console, or just hang it on your door. √You can put it on passenger seat or on the ground, it would not fall or collapse. Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back.

Leather Dip Belt Chains Fitness Weight Belt Pullup Chain Weighted Belt Squat wheigt Belt Belts Fitness dips Belt Weight Belt Chain Weight Chain Pullup Weight Belt

 (Leather Dip Belt Chains Fitness Weight Belt Pullup Chain Weighted Belt Squat wheigt Belt Belts Fitness dips Belt Weight Belt Chain Weight Chain Pullup Weight)
The Dark Iron Fitness genuine leather 4 inch weight lifting belt helps to improve achieve abdomen supporting correct back spinal instability loss. Aids as full corrective injury prevention straightener mobility back supporter stabilizer. Prevents injuries for beginners trainers. Comes in the cool looking colored white black red colors. Used with rack with simple adjustment loops. Does use high quality materials. helps strengthen muscle growth. weightlifitng belt uses include: belt for shoulder press belt for bench presses, belt for push press belt for competitive training used with dumbells belt for homegym working out belt used for bodyweight exercises belt for weightlifters belt for resistance training used with smith machines. Weight belt has 2 prongs affordable price weight belt for advanced champions. Weight belt is for a boy for a man for a woman universal womans weight belt unisex weight belt for beginning athlete. suede weight belt is made of reinforced embroidered cowhide material weight belt with lifetime replacements for life by Dark Iron Fitness. Cost is less on Amazon. Weight belt for hurt backs braces around stomach for proper form and helps bad techniques . Rated over 400 lb and 500 lbs working reps load limit. cross fit gear for glutes training with weight belt fo...

8 1/2" Genuine Leather Weighted Bookmark - Brown

 (8 1/2
Our genuine leather bookmark allows you to comfortably grip a book with just one hand. Hold books open with a gentle touch using our supple brown leather weighted bookmark. The soft suede underside is easy on pages while the weighted ends keep your page without damage to delicate book spines. Ideal for cookbooks, instructional pamphlets, crafts and hobbies too! Measures 8.5 x 2 inches. Color Brown.

Damascus ATX95 All-Leather Gloves with Knuckle Armor, Large

 (Damascus ATX95 All-Leather Gloves with Knuckle Armor,)
Created by Damascus Protective Gear, leaders in full body protective gear for law enforcement, military, etc .Your finest firearm or the sleekest sports car personified in a glove design . All-purpose year-round leather duty gloves with integrated hard knuckles . Reinforced palm panels for extra durability . Leather piping on backs of hands . Ergonomic design for a contoured tight, but flexible fit . Pull tab for easy-on and off . Size range: Men’s SM to XXLG

Meister Pro Swivel Weighted Speed Rope w/Adjustable Real Leather

 (Meister Pro Swivel Weighted Speed Rope w/Adjustable Real)
Maximizing the effectiveness of your workout means better results. The Meister Weighted Speed Rope is designed to do just that. The No-Slip Handles are ergonomically shaped to naturally fit your hand and 2oz weights embedded in the handles add density to the natural wood to increase the strength workout for your arms. The 360° polished metal bearing on this Meister Speed Rope makes rotations smooth and effortless so your energy isn't wasted. This unique design also encourages good jumping posture and hand positioning by aligning the rope at 90 degrees from your hands. The 9ft authentic leather rope can be easily cut down and adjusted to fit your exact height. Vintage, classic feel in a modern functional design make this the ideal speed rope for the serious athlete.

Sunny Health & Fitness Leather Durable Weighted Jump Rope -NO. 027-B

Weighted Leather (Sunny Health & Fitness Leather Durable Weighted Jump Rope -NO.)

RDX Adjustable Leather Gym Skipping Jump Speed Rope Weighted Fitness Training Workout Exercise

Weighted Leather (RDX Adjustable Leather Gym Skipping Jump Speed Rope Weighted Fitness Training Workout)

CHAMPRO SPORTS® Weighted Colored Training Leather Baseball

Weighted Leather (CHAMPRO SPORTS® Weighted Colored Training Leather)
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