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ZBT Series:Battle of Salient—The Ardennes Counterattack

 (ZBT Series:Battle of Salient—The Ardennes)
The Ardennes counterattack in 1944 is the largest counterattack launched by Nazi Germany on western front. Hitler had no reserve forces to replenish his army after the battle. Germany army cannot stop the allied forces on western front. The book gives us a restored historical facts of the battle—the Ardennes counterattack, which attracts readers who interested in World War II.

ZBT Der Sturm Series:Sino-Japanese War-Magnificent Spirit(Chinese Edition)

 (ZBT Der Sturm Series:Sino-Japanese War-Magnificent Spirit(Chinese)
This year is the 70th anniversary of Sino-Japanese war, following "Sino-Japanese war- flesh Great Wall", Zhi Bin Tang Press particularly chose the featured Sino-Japanese history published by assault magazine, compiled the second edition of "Magnificent spirit", Battle of Changsha, "Bloody battle in Songshan of Campaign of Western Yunnan and North Burma", "Guangdong Battle", this book uses the famous three Battle of Changsha as the main line, and supplemented by the 1938 Guangdong Battle and the Songshan Battle in Western Yunnan and North Burma, and also collected "Bofusi mountain artillery in Sino-Japanese war in China" the Soviet Union and Japan conflict in Changkufeng occurred in 1938.Also available in iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/zhi-bing-tang-jing-xuan/id447524399?mt=8

ZBT Series:Battle of Western Liaoning

 (ZBT Series:Battle of Western)
The battle of western Liaoning is the first battle of KMT-CPC's three major campaigns. Nearly half million troops has become ashes to ashes in 52 days. The book introduces completely the battle process of both sides and comment the key to win. We specially invite the leading expert of the KMT-CPC's war, Mr. Zhou Ming to give a panoramic introduction the battle after "Battle of Xubang" and "Battle of Tianjin".

ZBT Der Sturm Series: German Fight Till the End(Chinese Edition)

 (ZBT Der Sturm Series: German Fight Till the End(Chinese)
Battle of Hsupeng (history of People's Liberation Army call it Huaihai Campaign), the time of battle started from November 6, 1948 to January 10, 1949,which lasted 66 days; the battlefield used Xuzhou as the center, started from Haichow (Lian Yun Gang) the east, Huai River the south,Shangqiu the west and Lin city (Xue Cheng) the north;80 million people in Xuzhou headquarter including 7 legions, 2 pacification zone, 34 army;16 columns&1 army of Liberation field army of the eastern China;7 columns of Central field army; and 60 million people of eastern,central military region of China;the people's Liberation Army achieved victory of destroying one forward command headquarter,five Corps,22 Army totaling 5,550,000 enemies. This war is of unprecedented scale ever no matter about the duration,the region, armed forces or victory of the war. KMT's elite group was lost in this battle,the Liaoshen Campaign and Pingjin Campaign(known as the three major campaigns),the military forces of the KMT almost completely collapsed, resulted to the end of nationalist dominance in mainland China, so this battle is known as the one decided the fate of China. On this 60th anniversary of Battle of Hsupeng,our press engaged history experts of KMT-CPC war to comprehensively introduce this battle.

ZBT Series:Legend and Reality

 (ZBT Series:Legend and Reality)
The armored combat happened in village Bocage of Caen Region on June 13th, 1944 is a classical battle collected in the textbook of armored war in many countries. Germany ace tanker, Wittmann, led one Tiger to assault British forces and wrecked 20 tanks and armored vehicles in a short time. Legend and Reality (The Battle of Bocage) will bring you to the scene of this classical battle.

ZBT Series: Secret Files of Taiwan (XV)

 (ZBT Series: Secret Files of Taiwan)
With rapidly progress of science and technology, an invisible sci-tech war is lasting. By using high-tech on battlefield of science and technology, satellite monitoring fully grasp the dynamics of the enemy. The book shows us the full view of sci-tech war.

ZBT Series:The Western Europe Blitz

 (ZBT Series:The Western Europe)
The book includes: the Germany blitz in the Western Europe in World War II, the facts of the formation and the end of Maginot line and so on. The book records the historical facts of how the Nazi Germany attacked the Western Europe, which can be the example for the joint forces and influences the strategic ideologist so far.

ZBT Der Sturm Series:Sino-Japanese War-The Moon over Lugou Bridge(Chinese Edition)

 (ZBT Der Sturm Series:Sino-Japanese War-The Moon over Lugou Bridge(Chinese)
On July 7 1937, Japanese garrison army which was doing military drill in Wanping county located at southwest Peking asked enter to Wanping with an excuse of a missing soldier to search. After refused by Chinese army, the Japanese attacked Wanping City and the Marco Polo Bridge in the early morning of the 8th, Chinese army stationed in Wanping resisted,the China's war against Japan opened.During the war, the Chinese army paied a heavy price when faced the Japanese superior weaponry and combat effectiveness. the immortal deeds of China's War of Resistance against Japan is that: China insisted on fighting for several years although facing extremely difficult and almost isolated cases, the will of sino-Japanese still stayed the same in times of scarcity manpower and resources in Southwest with no retreat. After the eight-year sino-Japanese war, under the indomitable resistance of the Chinese army,the Japanese army shed the blood in the war, The survival of Chinese theater pinned down the Japanese main force,as tantamount to support of the allies army in the Pacific war,this won the respect of the international community for China,making its leap into top five of the nations to found United Nations and maintain post-war order.Also available in iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple....

ZBT Series:Powerful Forces of Soviet Union

 (ZBT Series:Powerful Forces of Soviet)
The book is the companion piece of The Battle of Lake Balaton. What had the SS troops done led to the failure at the end of battle of Lake Balaton? How did Wolf who followed LAH die? Questions as those will be answered in the book. The author doesn't describe the battle in macroscopic view deliberately, while hopes to narrative the battle through the memories and experiences of soldiers.

The Sopranos: The Complete Series (DVD)

Zbt Series (The Sopranos: The Complete Series)

Friends: The Complete Series Collection (DVD)

Zbt Series (Friends: The Complete Series Collection)

Bones: The Complete Series DVD

Zbt Series (Bones: The Complete Series)
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