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ZipWall ZipPole 10' 4-Pack Spring-Loaded Poles for Dust Barriers, ZP4

 (ZipWall ZipPole 10' 4-Pack Spring-Loaded Poles for Dust Barriers,)
ZipWall’s spring-loaded, twist-locking poles are designed to make putting up a dust barrier easy and clean. With ZipWall spring-loaded poles you can build a dust barrier in just a few minutes. Their telescoping action lets one person set up a barrier from floor to ceiling without tape, ladders or damage. The innovative head and plate design makes it easy to attach plastic sheeting (up to 8 mils) or ZipFast Reusable Barrier Panels. Place poles 10’ to 12’ apart or closer if there is significant air movement. The 4-Pack can create a dust barrier up to 30’ long or you can build a three-sided barrier, creating a room within a room. It’s ideal for getting started with the ZipWall Dust Barrier System or adding to your existing system. Each 4-Pack comes with a carry bag, so you can get one for each truck. ZipPole 4-Pack contains four 10’ stainless steel, spring-loaded poles with parts (heads, plates, and Gripdisk non-slip pads), two standard zippers, and one ZipPole carry bag. Plastic sheeting is not included.

ZipWall ZipDoor Commercial Door Kit for Dust Containment, Flame Retardant, ZDC

 (ZipWall ZipDoor Commercial Door Kit for Dust Containment, Flame Retardant,)
Allows repositioning for up to an hour. Flap hooks hold up door for easy entry and exit. Seals doorways up to 4’ x 8’. Made from 4 mil flame retardant plastic sheeting. Includes two pre-installed zippers. Commercial ZipDoor Kit contains one ZipDoor, two flap hooks, and one roll of 1" x 24' ZipWall Tape enough for one installation to seal one doorway up to 4’ x 8’ (For ease of installation, actual ZipDoor size is 5’ x 8.5’)

ZipWall FoamRail 2-Pack Tapeless Seal, FR2

 (ZipWall FoamRail 2-Pack Tapeless Seal,)
FoamRail crossbars were designed to work with all ZipWall spring loaded poles, creating a tighter dust barrier seal. The included T-clips are used to mount the poles at the center of the FoamRail to seal a dust barrier at the ceiling. To seal at the wall or floor, add the SideClamp Wall Mounts and the Floor Adaptors. The 2-Pack will seal up to 8' of a dust barrier.

ZipWall Magnetic Dust Barrier Door Kit, MDK

 (ZipWall Magnetic Dust Barrier Door Kit,)
Quick and easy to install, the ZipWall magnetic door attaches to the barrier material. Powerful self-closing action maintains a tight seal. Durable, reusable, and airtight. The Magnetic Dust Barrier Door is the easiest way to get in and out of a dust barrier. Includes one 7'2" x 4'7" flame retardant door panel, four 3’8” and two 2’1” magnetic strips, one header bar with clips for 10’, 12’, and 20’ ZipWall spring-loaded poles, and a carry bag. Works with all ZipWall dust barrier poles, poles not included.

ZipWall ZipFast Multi Size Pack, Reusable Barrier Panels for Dust Barriers, ZFMP

 (ZipWall ZipFast Multi Size Pack, Reusable Barrier Panels for Dust Barriers,)
Never buy plastic sheeting again. If you have ZipFast Reusable Barrier Panels they’re always ready to do the job. They quickly and easily zip together to build a dust barrier up to 12’ high and as wide as needed. The 2.5’ panel is ideal to use as a doorway in the barrier. They’re easier to use, more economical, and greener than plastic sheeting, paying for themselves in fewer than 7 uses. Provides privacy, hides messy areas. The carry bag makes it easy to store and transport your panels. Multi Size Pack contains three 5’ panels, one 2.5’ panel, and a ZipFast carry bag. For use with ZipWall poles and accessories. Poles not included.

ZipWall SidePack Wall Mount Kit for Dust Barriers, SDPK

 (ZipWall SidePack Wall Mount Kit for Dust Barriers,)
Using the ZipWall pole next to the wall, the SideClamp wall mounts tightly seal the barrier material against the wall by pushing a FoamRail cross bar against them both. The FoamRail cross bars easily snap onto the SideClamp wall mounts. Use with plastic sheeting or ZipFast Reusable Barrier Panels. This package has everything you need to seal off two walls up to 9' high at both ends of your ZipWall barrier. SidePack Wall Mount Kit contains six SideClamp wall mounts, six 3’ aluminum FoamRail cross bars, and a ZipWall carry bag so everything is ready to go.

ZipWall 96-Pack Heavy-Duty Zipper for Dust Barriers, Bulk Pack, HDAZ12-PK8

 (ZipWall 96-Pack Heavy-Duty Zipper for Dust Barriers, Bulk Pack,)
ZipWall Self-Adhesive Zippers allow you to quickly create a doorway in plastic dust barriers, providing easy entry and exit. Simply remove the paper backing and stick the zipper to the plastic barrier. Then open the zipper and cut the plastic to make a door. Heavy-duty zippers have a greater adhesive area that allows for an aggressive tack. Their 3” wide all-cloth construction provides maximum durability, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Works in temperatures below 55⁰ F (12.8⁰ C). All ZipWall zippers come with flap hooks that easily hold a door flap open. Bulk Pack Contains eight units; each unit contains 12 zippers, 12 flap hooks and one ZipperKnife sheeting cutter.

Zipwall 12 4-Pack Dust Barrier System- 2 Pack

 (Zipwall 12 4-Pack Dust Barrier System- 2)
The ZipWall Dust Barrier System is a quick, easy way to set up temporary dust barriers while doing construction in homes, offices or anywhere else where the work site needs to be isolated from the rest of the room. The ZipWall system uses extendable, spring-loaded aluminum poles that hold plastic sheeting in place so you don't have to use tape that can potentially damage the paint it's attached to. This kit also includes an adhesive zipper that can be used to join two pieces of plastic sheeting together creating a sealed door that can be unzipped when necessary. This kit includes 4 12' aluminum poles, a standard zipper 2-pack and a ZipWall carrying case for transporting the system. This kit is ideal for professional contractors and DIY home renovators alike. This ZipWall Dust Barrier System is designed around 12', spring-loaded aluminum poles. One end of each pole has a plate with a removable head that holds plastic sheeting in place. Once the plastic sheeting in sandwiched between the head plates, the pole can be extended to meet the ceiling and tension keeps it in place. Each pole weighs just 2 pounds making them easy to maneuver, and the twist-lock system allows you to make height adjustments quickly and easily. When you're finished working, simply disengage the twist locks, r...

ZipWall ZipFast Hatch Panel, ZFHR

 (ZipWall ZipFast Hatch Panel,)
The ZipFast Hatch Panel provides a tight seal on all sides of a barrier while still allowing easy access. Specially designed to seal off hallways, while still allowing access through the zippered hatch. ZipFast Hatch Panel contains one Class A flame retardant 10' x 10' panel with built-in zippered hatch. Widen the area by using additional ZipFast panels.

Zipwall ZP4 With 4 Steel 10 Ft Poles Dust Barrier System

Zipwall Dust Barrier (Zipwall ZP4 With 4 Steel 10 Ft Poles Dust Barrier)

ZipWall ZipPole 10' 4Pack SpringLoaded Poles for Dust Barriers, ZP4

Zipwall Dust Barrier (ZipWall ZipPole 10' 4Pack SpringLoaded Poles for Dust Barriers,)

Dust Barrier System,H to 12Ft,12Ft Poles ZIPWALL SLP2

Zipwall Dust Barrier (Dust Barrier System,H to 12Ft,12Ft Poles ZIPWALL)
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